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An Interview With Allison Williams.

To the average person she is a stunning petite but fit super hottie. To the trained eye Allison represents the next generation of fitness competitors to grace the stages.

"Allison Williams", I asked a friend? "She is a pro fitness competitor yet I'm not familiar with her." That was when I decided to find out who this woman is. To the average person she is a stunning petite but fit super hottie. To the trained eye she represents the next generation of fitness competitors to grace the stages.

Accolades and accomplishments only begin to describe this woman, but her personality and drive to succeed are unparalleled. She has set her dreams high and is well on her way to accomplishing all of them. Let's get to know this fitness beauty a little better.

About Allison

Name: Allison Williams
Age: 29
Height: 5 Ft
Weight: Off Season 120/In Season 112
Hometown/state: Antigua, British Caribbean Island
Current city and state: St. Maarten, Dutch Netherlands Antilles (Caribbean)
Years pro: 3
Contest history:

  • Jan Tana 2002 14th Place, Fitness
  • Central American & Caribbean 2000, 1st Place Fitness - Short Class (Pro Qualifier)
  • Antillean Championships 2000 - 1st Place Fitness - Short Class
  • Eastern Caribbean Championships 2000 - 1st Place Fitness - Short Class
  • Central American & Caribbean 1999 - 5th Place Fitness - Short Class
  • Eastern Caribbean Championships 1999 - 2nd Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
  • Eastern Caribbean Championships 1998 - 1st Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
  • Central American & Caribbean Championships 1997 - 5th place Lightweight Bodybuilding
  • Eastern Caribbean Championships 1997 - 3rd Place Lightweight Bodybuilding

Accomplishment you are most proud of: Earning my Pro Card
Biggest fear: "Messing up on stage"
Some of your future goals: Win a Pro show and be in the Olympia some day.

The Interview

Zachary Marcy: Hello Allison! Can you give everyone a basic intro "All About Allison"?

Allison Williams: I am what you call a "Free Spirit". I am the easiest person to get along with.

Zachary Marcy: What were your first inspirations to get into the health and fitness arena?

Allison Williams: Actually my Mom told me that when she did aerobic classes when I was about 3 years old, I would join in with the class... Of course I do not remember but that's what she said. Actually in high school, I was not into sports at all. It was in my last year when I decided to start aerobic classes with my cousin. Now getting into weight training was an accident. For some reason, I was unable to finish an aerobic class because I was tired but my cousin wanted to stay until the end. So I wandered into the weight room to do something until the class was over. I started to do a pretty basic workout since I was so tired... I realized, hey! This is not so bad... I think I like this. From that day on, I was hooked!

Zachary Marcy: Who were some of your early inspirations? Who do you most admire today?

Allison Williams: Sharon Bruneau, Cory Everson & Linda Murray. Did you see that photo of all three of them in the most recent edition of Flex magazine - March 2003? Great photo!

Zachary Marcy: You started off bodybuilding and then switched over to fitness in 2000, what sparked the change?

Allison Williams: I did not like the type of physique that the judges were looking for at the time. The female bodybuilders were getting bigger and bigger and personally, I did not wish to look like that. Well, I was always into aerobics and my body was very flexible, so I said "why not?" the "look" was much nicer to me and more accepted in the society I live in. Most people on the island think that I am too muscular... but I do not think so!

Zachary Marcy: Which of the two do you think is the most competitive and why?

Allison Williams: I think that fitness is more competitive, there is much more in terms of preparation, that is involved then you are in a show. Especially for me, I do not have any formal experience in gymnastics but I had to teach myself to do certain basic moves... it was very difficult! The performances get better and better and more dynamic every time and the ladies out there are very aggressive with their routines... it's such a rush!

Zachary Marcy: What makes you tick, what is it that Allison Williams the pro fitness athlete wants to accomplish the most in this sport?

Allison Williams: In terms of competition, I am very much self-motivated! I actually entered my first show to overcome "shyness". I was very shy... Thank God I did well in that show! What would I like to accomplish? I would like to win the Olympia (Pro Figure) some day and would like to play a huge role in promoting health & fitness in the Caribbean. To be the "Fitness Icon" of the Caribbean! Is that too much? Studies now show that most kids between the ages of 12-18 yrs are over-weight! I would like to change that!

Zachary Marcy: You are smokin beautiful! I'm sure that you get fans on your looks alone. What kind of man does it take to perk your interest? Is there anyone in your life right now?

Allison Williams: Thanks for the compliment! Well... That man has to have a keen interest in health & fitness. That is very important especially when competition comes around... You know how it gets when you go low carbs or being on a diet for too long. He has to be able to understand things like that. Good looking, but that's not too important! He has to be an intelligent person, have a good sense of humor and be a genuinely good person inside. Yes! There is someone just like what I have just mentioned above in my life. He is so good for me, especially pertaining to my preparation for a show. He keeps me on track and motivated. Sorry Guys!

Zachary Marcy: Let's digress a little. You just recently participated in the Jan Tana Classic against the likes of Kelly Ryan, Jenny Hendershott, and Tanji Johnson. How did it feel competing against this type of lineup?

Allison Williams: I cannot even begin to explain the feelings! At first I was very intimidated but it is very important to believe in yourself and to do your best. I did just that and surprised myself... I thought that I would have been last!

Zachary Marcy: What can we expect to see from Allison Williams in the future? What other contests do you have planned in 2003?

Allison Williams: Right now I am planning to compete at the Pinnacle Night of Figure in New York City at the end of May and at the Jan Tana Pro Figure in August. And hopefully at the Olympia. It's good to dream a bit!! Ha! Ha!

Zachary Marcy: Thank you for the interview. Do you want to give any shout out's, big up's or state your closing argument?

Allison Williams: It was a pleasure... And I want to give a big shout out to all the ladies out there in Pro Figure... See you soon girls!