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The MANformation Talk Radio Show presents effective strategies that will help transform you into the MAN you really want to be. It's personal development for men; it's about men; it's about our life issues and experiences as men.

The MANformation Show host Skip La Cour discusses strategies that help transform you into the man you want to be.

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The mission of MANformation is to effectively integrate mental and emotional SUBSTANCE directly into the bodybuilding process. The bodybuilding process can—and should—enhance all areas of a man's life. Training in the gym, eating properly, and developing a healthy, attractive body can and should be a tremendously empowering undertaking and incredibly rewarding journey for every man who involves himself in the process.

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The clearly outlined MANformation strategies will merge bodybuilding success with success in all areas of a man's life. MANformation will help transform its "students" into the MEN they really want to be.

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Listen in as Skip La Cour presents effective strategies that will help transform you into the MAN you really want to be.



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