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Male Transformation Of The Week - Chris Heitman!

Chris had always been active, but after suffering a back injury playing football he spent a summer sitting around eating. The realization that he was out of shape hit him hard.

Before Before:
200 lbs
After After:
165 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Chris Heitman
BodySpace: cheitman

Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 200 lbs
Body Fat: 26%

Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lbs
Body Fat: 4-5%

Why I Got Started

I was out of shape and couldn't really do much at all. After suffering a back injury while playing high school football I just sat around and ate corndogs for an entire summer. I had really gotten out of shape and had always been really active so it hit pretty hard when I found myself so "relaxed." My older brothers could see this and purchased me a membership at 24 Hour Fitness.

I would work out with my older brothers every chance I could get. Since they were older and stronger they pushed me to reach their level. We still work out from time to time and I always will look up to them for advice and guidance. After several years of working out, going on 12 years now without missing more than a week at a time, I finally decided to compete. This is where I found my place.

After Several Years I Finally Decided To Compete.
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After Several Years I
Finally Decided To Compete.

I entered my first competition and won first place in 2005. After that I was hooked on competing. Over the last five years I have competed in ten competitions coming in the top five in each show, winning two overalls. Staying natural has also been a big aspect of my bodybuilding endeavor. With many organizations devoting themselves to natural bodybuilding and quality supplements available on the market, staying natural has proven less difficult a decision. My goal is to become a top natural pro bodybuilder and spread the sport of natural bodybuilding and health throughout the world.

How I Did It

I accomplished my goals through mainly hard work, dedication, and discipline. Along the way my best friend, Tuan Tran, whom I went to high school and college with, and whom graduated with a degree from University of Houston in Kinesiology and Nutrition. He helped push me to levels far beyond anything I could have imagined. Through a dedicated diet and exercise program I was able to far exceed my goals of getting in shape. I can't imagine my life without working out now, it has become such an integral part and I don't know where I'd be without it.

I Can't Imagine My Life Without Working Out Now.
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I Can't Imagine My Life
Without Working Out Now.


I stuck with mainly the basics, protein powders, a fat burner, and a multivitamin. Currently I endorse a pre-workout mix before hitting the gym, such as an NO product. There are many quality products on the market now which can push natural bodybuilders to higher levels of physique development without going the alternate route of using performance enhancing drugs. Staying natural is the way to go.


Meal 1: 6:00 AM

Meal 2: 8:00 AM

Meal 3: 10:30 AM

Meal 4: 1:00 PM

Meal 5: 3:30 PM

Meal 6: 5:30 PM

Meal 7: 8:00 PM


Monday - Back And Biceps

Tuesday - Shoulders And Traps

Wednesday - Leg Day

Thursday - Abs And Calves

Friday - Chest And Triceps

Weekend - Cardio And Abs

    Mainly consisting of jogging in the park, a few sprints, alternating walking/running.

Suggestions For Others

Stay positive and focused. Be patient and take your time. Find ways to incorporate fitness and a healthy lifestyle into your everyday routine. Don't get deterred if you don't see progress right away, keep pushing onto greater things in the future. Use the gym as an oasis not as something you dread. If you don't like going to the gym find other activities that integrate fitness into your life.

Use The Gym As An Oasis Not As Something You Dread.
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Use The Gym As An Oasis Not
As Something You Dread.