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The Mahler Body Blaster For Exceptional Endurance!

The 'Mahler Body Blaster' is a full bodyweight exercise. It takes 'burpees' one step farther and works about every muscle in the body. Whe done for high repetitions (25-30) it burns fat and tremendously increases muscular endurance.

Many of us travel often as part of are jobs and are faced with the dilemma of what to do to stay in shape while on the road. Sure, many hotels these days have gyms. However, they are not made for serious trainers like us. More often then not, they contain little more than two treadmills, a pathetic dumbbell rack that goes up to whopping 25-pound dumbbells and some kind of machine circuit that will do more harm than good.

Fortunately there is an alternative. In addition to doing excellent bodyweight drills such as: one-legged squats, handstand pushups, one-arm pushups, and janda sit-ups, you can take your cardio up to the next level by executing the "Mahler Body Blaster."

The "Mahler Body Blaster" is a full body bodyweight exercise that takes the "burpee" one step farther and works just about every muscle in the body. When done for high repetitions (25-30) it will burn fat and increase muscular endurance tremendously. In addition, there is a great deal of body awareness that is involved with the proper execution of the "Mahler Body Blaster" which is highly beneficial to any athlete. This drill will get you winded fast so do not be surprised if you get fatigued after only ten reps.

The Mahler Body Blaster Workout

    1. Start off by going into a full squat.

    2. From there, go into a backward roll.

    3. Quickly reverse the movement and get back to your feet.

    4. From there, jump forward into the top position of a pushup.

    5. Do a pushup to complete the move.

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Now reverse the movement and repeat for twenty-five reps straight. Make sure you do this exercise on an empty stomach, as it is a real puker to say the least.

Of course, you do not have to save the "Mahler Body Blaster" for the road. You can benefit from it anytime and feel free to incorporate it into your current training regimen. I often knock off 10-to-15 reps at the end of a workout as a finisher or do a few reps on my active recovery days. If you are an athlete, especially a combat athlete, add this exercise to your arsenal and work up to 25 consecutive reps. You will be amazed with the muscular endurance you acquire.

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