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Marc Lobliner's Bodybuilding Journey - Contest Prep: A Normal Life & Contest Prep.

I am finally enjoying some time off before I start my cutting again on December 18th. Here I will share some my experiences leading a normal life and some of the things coming up on the horizon. Read on for more.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that is only if your picture sucks. The words could not describe what went through my "meat"-head upon viewing the photos taken by my wife this week.

I was a full 13 pounds heavier than when I competed on November 28 but I still had abs and cuts on my legs. These pictures weren't worth a thousand words to me, they were worth over 10 years of training and dieting!

Marc Marc Marc
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10 Years Worth Of Training & Dieting.

Some Time Off

I am enjoying this time off. As you probably read in Scivation's article on cheating, when not on the diet mentioned, I like to be somewhat normal. I took my daughter to her first ice cream outing this past week upon returning from a business trip and she and I split a brownie sundae. It was probably one of the best memories I will ever have.

Cheaters Always Prosper! Cheaters Always Prosper!
If you are following our program then cheating is not an option, however it never hurts to be normal and have a cheat every once in awhile. See how cheaters can be successful without going overboard!
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I have also been going out with co-workers and have not been as anal about getting in complete meals because I know that come December 18, there will be NO CHEATING or deviation from the plan through May!

I also enjoyed some things I have been craving like Mexican food, Chinese food, Southern food, and I am going to cook my wife some Polish Chicken Parmesan this week. This is a made up recipe where basically we fry the chicken Polish-style (us Polocks fry everything if we can!) rather than the traditional Italian style. My wife is Italian, so she loves this!

The biggest news I have is that my wife will be doing the Cut Diet with me and ridding herself of some post-pregnancy weight. She is still breastfeeding, so her supplementation will be limited to Workout Nutrition consisting of Xtend and Substance WPI, a multivitamin and fish oil.

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Marc & Katie At The 2005 Arnold Expo.

We will also chart and keep a journal on the up and coming website, I am very proud of her and ecstatic that she will be taking this journey with me. I also look forward to how smoking hot she will be after the diet... not that she's not hot now!

She has done this diet before and got down to 122 pounds as seen here. From what we at Scivation have seen, this diet works very well for over 95% of people who do it correctly and for those who have read it, volume 2 will be out in about four weeks!

Marc & Katie's Amazing Transformation! Marc & Katie's Amazing Transformation!
This is an interview with Marc about how he and his wife (Katie) began and continued the journey of healthy living. Read about their experiences and how they got to this point.
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The revision is not only the result of listening to our customers, but it is also the result of doing the diet ourselves. I used this diet to get ready for my first bodybuilding show and I dieted for 11 total weeks. In that time, I attained a condition good enough to earn a victory as a light-heavyweight in an NPC show.

I did all of this while moving cross-country, working very long hours, and also being a family man to a wife and a young child. I was out to prove that anyone can get in stage-condition if they follow the proper diet, training and supplementation strategies regardless of how hectic life is, and I did just that.

Marc Marc
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Regardless Of How Hectic Life Is,
Anyone Can Get In Stage Condition.

When Not Grubbing, What is Marc Eating?

My diet has stayed the same as before. I decided to leave calories the same and increase my freedom to cheat a bit, like two to three times per week. Since I have stayed lean, I am liking this a lot. I also stopped measuring food and have gone to estimating portions the last week before my diet because I measure everything when dialing it in!

The Secret Weapon:

    I have been consistently using the Anagen/Fenotest Gitcha' Big, Gitcha' Hard Stack as well as Xtend and Substance WPI as workout nutrition. My other staples remain:


    The big thing is the long-awaited Scivation fat burner (G4 Fat Incinerating Matrix / coming soon to While trying to find the perfect ingredient that is both safe and amazingly effecting, Scivation advisory board member and Natural Pro Layne Norton, after countless hours of research, came upon one that really will work.

    The thought of using this fat burner during my contest prep put a HUGE smile on my face. Chuck Rudolph, MEd, RD, Derek Charlebois and Layne then put together a formula that would make all three of these respected formulators/scientists proud.

    Marc Marc
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    Marc Lobliner.

    Until Next Time...

    Next installment will be the beginning of my 18 week journey to the state! Yeah buddy!