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Marc Lobliner's Bodybuilding Journey - The End Of The Road.

Chuck and Derek talked and both feel that Marc would be better off not doing the Clash... After some debate it was decided that I will start bulking for next year. I am starting my bulk with the following meal and training plan. Check it out!

It is always good to have nutritional gurus as friends. Derek Charlebois and Chuck Rudolph, after seeing me do two shows in back to back weeks and expressing interest in dropping six more pounds and competing as a lightweight, intervened and told me to start my one year lean mass bulk diet - I need to add back size. Here is what Derek had to say about it:

-> Derek Charlebois:

    Chuck and I have been talking and we both feel that Marc would be better off not doing the Clash so that he can start adding size for next year. We look at it this way, Marc needs to gain muscle to be competitive in the Middleweight division. He was planned on dropping down to 154 and entering the lightweight division at his next competition.

    When you look at the big picture and Marc's long term goals this would be counterproductive. Add this to the fact that Marc's wife is pregnant and he will be traveling a lot it is time to get off the competition diet.

    Though Marc tried to fight us on this (and then I choke slammed him again) after Chuck and I explained our reasoning for our decision he agreed that stopping his contest prep now and start focusing on adding mass is the best thing to do.

    Time to add some mass baby!

Derek Choke Slams Marc.
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Derek Choke Slams Marc.

Getting My Calories Up

I fought it, but they are right. Now my main goal is to get my calories up. Here is my plan of attack:

  • Keep Cardio at 45 mins pre-workout.
  • Gradual caloric increases.
  • Most initial increases will be daily intake and not carb load.
  • Once we hit caloric start point (from the beginning of the diet 27 weeks ago - ~2,200 NON carb days, ~2,900 CARB days) then we will increase the carb loads.
  • Carb loads begin once we get back to calories when we started prep 27 weeks ago.
  • Cheat meals are allowed. For example, if I eat pancakes, the carb meal moves to 3 days after that.
  • Caloric increases determined by Chuck and Derek.
  • I will be following the Cut Diet Lean Mass program.

Bulking For Endomorphs. The Lean Mass Diet.
By Chuck Rudolph, MEd, RD,
Derek Charlebois B.S. CPT,
Mark Lobliner

FREE Copy! PDF (1 MB)

Marc On Stage! Marc On Stage! Marc On Stage!
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Marc On Stage!


This is my new split with Lin so we can make sure we get in all training together, especially back (my weak area), chest (his weak area) and legs (we need to yell at each other on leg day!). Lin is not at the gym Monday and Tuesday, so here is our daily recap.

If anyone can show me how to add back mass, it is big Linny Mac.

Lobliner's Abs Last Week.
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Lobliner's Abs Last Week.

Coming Up

Derek and I will be filming Part Two of the Tri-Phase Training Video with on October 22. Stay tuned for the part one release shortly!


Time to grab my Xtend and trusty shaker and get my lean mass on!