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Sacrificing Life For Lifestyle: Time Management To Avoid Missing Out!

To make things work something has to give - I am able to train, go to work, and still play with my baby girl. Here is my perspective on managing time and the benefits; if I can so can you! Read on.

As I sit here in the airport waiting to fly home from another business trip, I am left with a feeling of sorrow and remorse. I am staring at my computer screensaver and there they are, my beautiful wife and baby girl.

The thing is she is not a baby anymore. She is 10-months old and based on the screensaver timeline and what the pediatrician told us, she is a big girl. The little tot that used to fit in the palm of my hand at a little over 7.5 pounds is now a 22-pound little girl. To compound matters, she is close to walking and is speaking.

I have a demanding schedule and, to make things work, something has to give. I wake up at 4 a.m. to train and get to the office and do not get home until 6-or-7 at night. I then play with the baby until she goes to bed at 7:30 or so and that is it.

I get a maximum of an hour and a half per day with my baby. On weekends when I am not traveling, I am in the office or catching up on house chores.

Marc & Kambria
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Marc & Daughter Kambria.


This article may start off as me saying I need to do more to see my child, but I am actually going to state the exact opposite. If it didn't raise an eyebrow before, I stated that,

"I Wake Up At 4 a.m. To Train."

This is the key topic of this entire article. This is my sacrifice. This is what I do to make bodybuilding work for me. This article is aimed at anyone who makes excuses like, "I don't have the time to train." What they should be saying is, "I don't have the motivation to train," or "It is not a priority to train or look great naked."

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These statements would work. But this brutha' is sick and tired of hearing the cop-outs!

The best memories of my life have already become that little bit of time I have with my daughter. This is because with successful and diligent time management, I am able to dedicate time in my day everyday I am home to play with Kami. No phones, no nothing. Just my little girl and I.


The issue is balance. A lot of people I know have an all or nothing approach to "living the lifestyle." They have to eat clean all the time. They have to train and pose twice per day. What ends up suffering is the family and what happens 99-of-100 times is complete and total burnout.

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They just give up and stop training and dieting all together. Just think about it, assume that my assertion that consistency is 90% of the key to having a great body is correct, then these folks would continue training for 10 or so years, actually enjoy the process, and forge one hell of a good-looking physique.

This beats the year or so they'd train their butts off, attain a decent physique then burn out, quit, and live the FAT AND LAZY lifestyle. Then they get older, look back, and tell everyone who will listen how good they used to look. You don't want to be that guy, do you?

We Only Live Once

We only live once (reincarnation and the afterlife aside). I want to spend this existence with the best looking physique possible so that I can continue my daily nude posedowns prior to showering (you know you do it too!). But there is more to life than bodybuilding and what good is having a killer physique if you can't get out and live with it?!

Marc Marc Marc
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I Want To Spend This Existence
With The Best Looking Physique Possible.

So the homework for tonight is to figure out how to make training work for you and start paying attention to the other things you enjoy in life. This article is now long enough, I'm going to go play with my family.

About The Author:

    Marc Lobliner is the President of Scivation, Inc. He is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 8 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry -- including over 4 years with Weider Publications. He can be reached at