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Living Beautiful is the HOT new radio show created to quench the appetites of the modern-day, multi-faceted Woman who craves cutting edge info. on health, beauty, lifestyle, nutrition, sexuality, and much more.

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About The Show
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Living Beautiful is the HOT new talk radio show that features Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro and fitness model/professional salsa dancer Nancy Di Nino. The weekly broadcasts will quench the appetite of the modern-day, multi-faceted woman who craves the most cutting edge information from two of the world leader in health, beauty, lifestyle, nutrition, medicine and the science of "Living Beautiful". Tune in for the LIVE worldwide broadcasts every Sunday.

What Is A Podcast?
Podcasting is a collection of technologies for automatically distributing audio and video programs over the Internet via a publish and subscribe model.

Podcasting enables independent producers to create self-published, syndicated "radio shows," while giving broadcast radio or television producers a new distribution method.

From the creators of "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" (talk radio for bodybuilding fans), Living Beautiful was created in response to the overwhelming number of requests from women who seek the latest developments in healthy living... in a high energy format!

Each week, Dr. Navarro and Nancy will feature experts in various areas of fitness, medicine, nutrition... and special appearances from the biggest names in fitness! From magazine cover-models to world class athletes, Living Beautiful's one hour broadcasts will deliver EVERYTHING that matters to women.

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Listen in as Dr. Navarro and Professional Salsa Dancer Nancy Di Nino quench the appetite of the modern-day woman with cutting edge information on health, beauty, lifestyle, nutrition, and sexuality!


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About The Hosts
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Dr. Navarro Nancy Di Nino
Pictured Left: Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro; Right: Nancy Di Nino.

Dr. Navarro

Dr. Navarro is the medical director at the Vein Centre of the Palm Beaches. Her extensive credentials include Board Certification in internal medicine and degrees from top Universities, including M.I.T. - Dr. Navarro is also an avid supporter of the fitness industry and has committed her life to the science of Living Beautiful.

Nancy Di Nino

Nancy Di Nino - "The Red Storm" Nancy Di Nino is a fixture in the international modeling and fitness scene. As an Italian/Venezuelan, she has emerged as a positive role model, fusing fashion, beauty, health, fitness and dance, all in one dynamic package. Her "Red Storm" appearance and diverse resume has made her a walking billboard in the fitness community. Nancy is also a Professional Salsa dancer. Visit her website: or BodySpace profile.

    Special Interview At 2007 Arnold Classic:

    During a memorable appearance as host of the Arnold Classic Fitness event, Nancy had the honor of interviewing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch the interview.

Presented by and brought to you by, Living Beautiful Radio airs on WWNN Radio in Palm Beach, Florida and NOW you can tune in online by visiting the show's NEW broadcast website:

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