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Living Large: Jay Cutler's 8-Week Mass-Building Trainer, Day Eight

Week two blasts off with a gym-hopping chest workout using a mixture of dumbbells, cables, and the Smith Machine. Feel the stretch!

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A week ago you survived chest day and then some, when we followed up barbell work and dips with a few calf exercises. Not this time around. Today, you're going to use a mixture of dumbbells, the Smith Machine, and cables to zero in on your torso and tear down the pecs fiber by fiber.

In all of the exercises today, make sure to get a good stretch at the bottom to maximize muscle damage. With the dumbbell flies and cable crossover, this might mean you have to stay conservative in terms of weight. You can still go heavy on the dumbbell bench, though. Just plant your feet firmly and keep a stable base. Don't go too wide, but get deep enough to really feel the pull.

Day 8: Chest

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