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Living Large: Jay Cutler's 8-Week Mass-Building Trainer, Day Fifty-Five

You've reached the top of Mt. Olympus. Congratulations! Now power through this brutal shoulder and trap workout and take aim at the next peak you'll conquer!

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This is it: the final Jay Cutler workout, in all its 37-set glory. It's no walk in the park. Make it through your longest shoulder workout yet, and you'll have earned the right to reward yourself. Eat big, sleep long, or maybe get a massage—whatever will help you feel your best and recover after the intense physical transformation you've just experienced.

While you're healing up, ponder what comes next. Are you going to cut down in order to take your place on stage? Turn around and leap into another trainer to further sculpt the mass you've been building? Whatever you choose, do it confidently in the knowledge that you've got more strength and muscle at your disposal than you did just 8 short weeks ago. Aim high and keep living large!

Day 55: Shoulders

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