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Living Large: Jay Cutler's 8-Week Mass-Building Trainer, Day Fifty

You can see the finish line. You can see results in the mirror. Now see how your weights stack up against the numbers that built four Mr. Olympia physiques!

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For seven weeks, you've been following Jay's personal workouts in the diligent pursuit of size. This week, your eighth and final one in the Living Large trainer, you get to measure the weights you're putting up against Jay's numbers, like you did in week one. A range like "180-450 pounds" might seem immense, but that's because Jay trains by feel and instinct. What he lifts can change week-to-week and even day-to-day, and he often doesn't even keep a log.

What's the lesson for you? Lift heavy but realistically, and stay in constant dialog with your body. You're only here to train one person: yourself.

Day 50: Chest

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