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Living Large: Jay Cutler's 8-Week Mass-Building Trainer, Day Twenty-Two

Get ready to power through the halfway point with a brutal week of double workouts. Today, it's back, back, and more back!

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Jay Cutler knows what it's like to win. He also knows what it's like to come in second, after placing runner-up to Ronnie Coleman four times at the Olympia. This long struggle kept the young bodybuilder from ever getting too comfortable with his impressive accomplishments. He was always improving, incorporating new protocols, and searching for a way to take the next step forward.

One of his favorite protocols to up the ante with two-a-day splits, which you're going to try this week. First up: Back training in the a.m., and more back and traps in the p.m. Power through those sticking points, because you've got a long week ahead!

Morning: Back

Afternoon: Back/Traps

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