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Living Large: Jay Cutler's 8-Week Mass-Building Trainer, Day Thirteen

Are you ready for Cutler-style leg training? This is heavy lifting that will move you through every mass-building movement in the book!

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Jay Cutler's legs have thickness that puts dinosaurs to shame, but he wouldn't have won four Sandows if they weren't also balanced. He believes that mixing unilateral (single-leg) and bilateral (two-leg) movements is crucial for complete, even development, which is why you'll be doing 9 sets of single-leg curls from three positions, all before you finally wring out your hamstrings with some stiff-legged deadlifts.

Perform the single-leg curl just like a bilateral version, but resist the urge to pause between sides. You can rest for a minute or two after you hit both legs. Perform these right, and you'll need every second of rest you can get!

Day 13: Legs
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