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Steven Spalsbury Training Hard And Looking Fabulous At 52!

Steve was born in Trenton, Michigan March 10, 1955. Like any other kid he enjoyed playing sports. Get a glimpse into the life of Steve and how he trains - Training routine below. Read on for the details!

He looks phenomenal! How does he do it? This man works out harder than anyone I've ever seen. He not only uses heavy weights, he does high reps and multiple sets. His intensity is like no other. His name is Steven Spalsbury. He has also been bodybuilding for the past twenty seven years.

Steve was born in Trenton, Michigan March 10, 1955. Like any other kid he enjoyed playing sports. His favorite sport was basketball and he continued to excel at it through high school. Everyone was amazed at his ability to play the game and to play with only one eye.

Steve has been blind in his left eye since birth. This so called handicap was no handicap to Spalsbury. His success continued through college and he went to play for Alabama-Decatur College. After his college career Steve took his athleticism and enthusiasm for exercise in to a very successful career in the health and fitness industry. He is an excellent salesman as well as manager.

What has kept him motivated for so many years? When asked this question his response is, "You have to look the part. You can't expect other people to want to get in shape when a so-called expert in the field is out of shape. Besides, I love what I do and have a passion for it. I just want to help other people achieve their goals. I have recently started personal training and my being in shape motivates my clients to do well."

The women are in awe of him and the men want to look like him. I don't think people realize the dedication and discipline it takes to achieve what this man has. He works out 5-6 times per week for about 1 1/2 hours per session.

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Steven Spalsbury.

He does a split routine which we will illustrate for you at the end of this article. He also runs 2-3 days per week. He has more energy than most twenty year olds. He is certainly in better shape than most people, men and women alike.

Split Routine

-> Mondays:

    Mondays are chest, abs, and traps. Steve does approximately twenty five sets for chest, fifteen sets for abs and twenty sets for traps. He moves from one set to another with little rest between sets and exercises. The weights he uses are moderate to really heavy. He never does less than six reps per set and up to twenty reps per set. He also works up a substantial sweat. Because his workouts are so intense, he has to do little cardio to stay fit.

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Steven Spalsbury.

-> Tuesdays:

-> Wednesdays:

    Wednesday Steve works his back. He starts out with wide grip chin ups and then moves to high hammer rows, to low hammer rows and finally Cybex machine rows. He is still able to do the whole stack of weight even at the end of his workout. Wait, that's not all... he finishes up with close grip chins. He does five sets of at least ten reps. There is no wonder why his back looks the way it does both in thickness and width.


Machine Machine
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Machine Row.
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Steven Spalsbury.

-> Thursdays:

    Thursday is usually an "everything day." Spalsbury will train a bit of every body part including legs and calves and do higher reps and lighter weight. He says this pumps and flushes the muscle. He takes Fridays to rest.

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Steven Spalsbury's Calves.

-> Saturdays:

    Saturdays are for arms, which by the way are one of his best body parts. He will usually set up some sort of circuit and do super sets. He will do a set of biceps, then immediately does a set of triceps. Steve never does less than forty-five sets for his arms. This includes forearm work as well.

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Steven Spalsbury.

-> Sundays:

    Sunday is cardio day. Steve will usually run for approximately for 1/2 hour and then do a complete abdominal workout. He will end this session with some light stretching.


To sum things up, Steven Spalsbury is an exceptional athlete and bodybuilder who has a drive and dedication that separates him from the rest. He rarely misses a workout and if he does he will make it up on his rest day. I have learned a lot from him over the past four years and have the utmost respect for this man.

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Steven Spalsbury.

So whether you are a beginner or advanced bodybuilder you too can learn from this mans intensity and ability to train. Try some of his workouts and see if you can hang with a fifty-two year old man.

Lisa Sutton