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LiftRite Video Guide: Episode #7 - Hardcore Abdominal Training!

Impressive Abdominal muscles are often defined as the very foundation of the perfect balanced physique! Check out these exercises from beginner to advanced and listen in for nutrition facts! Learn more here...

Episode #7: Abdominal Training

ripped absImpressive Abdominal muscles are often defined as the very foundation of the perfect balanced physique! There is often a huge misconception that abdominal training will somehow give you that sought after ripped mid-section. Wrong! To get a nice defined 6-pack you must first concentrate on perfecting your nutrition to burn fat.

Men and women alike are instantly attracted to someone with a trim midsection. It is often the first sign of a well balanced active lifestyle.

Learn a few new exercises to target your midsection and get that v-taper that you desire. Lance Sganzini joins us and shows us a great circuit training routine that everyone should fit in their workout regimen to acquire the finishing touches on a beach ready body.

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Lance's Signature Abs On Contest Day.

Tune in and learn all you need to know to get started toward achieving your fitness goals!

LiftRite Episode #7
Abdominal Training

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Learn how to stay motivated by seeing results in the way of muscle size and strength. This will help you focus on reaching your fitness goals and aspirations. We all know the first thing a person should do after meeting a goal is to make another one.

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In order to make your body burn off its fat stores you need to create a calorie deficit through your food choices and exercise, which eventually will reduce the fat from your midsection and the rest of your body.

junk food In order to burn off one pound of fat a week you need to create a weekly calorie deficit of 3500kcals or 500kcals a day.

This for most people means just cutting out the junk food. If this does not work increase your daily activities (exercise classes, jogging, sports, gardening, etc...) and slowly decrease your meal sizes until you start losing a pound per week and no more!


When we think of abs we mostly think of the washboard midsection of the lean and muscular bodybuilders on stage. However, the abdominals include the Rectus abdominis and the External abdominal oblique muscles. Also included in this list are the Internal abdominal oblique and the Serratus anterior. The latter muscles are not visible and are not included in this article.

The Abs

Major Muscles That Act On The Trunk:

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Rectus Abdominis
External Oblique
Internal Oblique
Erector Spinae

Major Muscles:
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The function of the Rectus abdominis and the External abdominal oblique muscles is to flex the trunk or bend forward. The External abdominal oblique muscles also function in side-bending and rotation. These muscles also aid in trunk stability while performing upper and lower body activities and are vital in preventing lumbar spine injuries and maintaining posture.

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"If Nobody Is Going To Give Me Abs
I Have To Earn Them."

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Ava Cowan
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Abs (Self-Portrait)
Abs (Self-Portrait)
How Sweet Is A Six-Pack?!

Week #14 - 6/13/2006
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Now that you have the general knowledge of anatomy and nutrition you should be able to apply these abdominal exercises and complete the puzzle. You will begin to see results in no time if you are willing to make a few sacrifices or minor changes in your lifestyle.

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