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LiftRite Video Guide: The Bench Press!

Impressive pectoral muscles are often defined as the very foundation of a manly physique. In this installment of LiftRite, learn the proper lifting techniques for mastering the bench press! Check it out...

Episode #4: Bench Press

Impressive pectoral muscles are often defined as the very foundation of a manly physique. In this installment of LiftRite, we will show you the proper lifting techniques for mastering the bench press.

By learning how to bench press correctly you will be able to eliminate any bad habits that most people acquire over the years. We will also stress the importance of safety while performing variations of this important exercise so you can avoid any possible injuries. Here are the most common variations shown in our video:

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Josh Perfoming Flat Bench Press.

Everyone hits a wall in their success on Bench press at some stage. We will show you the best training equipment and variations to bust through plateaus and make some huge gains in size and strength. It is human nature to create self imposed limitations and get stuck on a certain weight limit. These are the most common weight limits: 135, 215, and 305 pounds.

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Learn to step out of your comfort zone and add 5 to 10 pounds for a couple of sets and force your body to adapt to the extra stress while trying to perform in the same rep range. You will soon find that you have gradually increased your strength over time.

Tune in and learn all you need to know to get started toward achieving your fitness goals!

LiftRite Episode #4
The Bench Press Part 1

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The chest is made up of two muscles: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.

The pecs are found attached to the humerus of the arm, right near where the shoulder joint is. The pecs then run across the front of the body and originate on the breastbone. The pectoralis major is attached to the front of the body on the rib cage. The pectoralis minor is found underneath the pectoralis major. It originates on the ribs and attaches up to the scapula, specifically at the coracoid process.

The pectoralis major brings the humerus across the body while the pectoralis minor moves the shoulders forward.

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Pectorals Anatomy.

Learn to focus on your anatomy while performing the bench press! While you perform the bench press you are using more then your chest muscles. During this compound exercise you will learn that surrounding muscles will be activated throughout the movement.

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Muscles Involved During The Bench Press.

  • Blue: Pectorals
  • Green: Triceps
  • Yellow: Deltoids

Your triceps and deltoid muscles play a big role in stabilizing the weight also. These secondary muscle groups can be your weak link and prevent you from making gains if you don't utilize them correctly by maintaining proper form.

-> Triceps Anatomy:

    The triceps brachii has three heads: the lateral, medial, and long heads. These muscles connect the humerus and scapula to the forearm bone called the ulna. It's important to ensure you incorporate exercises that hit all three of these heads to fully develop the back of your upper arm.

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Ticeps Anatomy.

    Simply performing one exercise for triceps probably won't be enough. The bench press will engage while performing the bench press. You can increase the stress on the triceps by narrowing your grip.

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    Learn More About Triceps AnatomyHere.

-> Deltoids Anatomy:

    The shoulder is a very important part of the body. Not only does the shoulder make your upper body appear to be wider (especially good for bodybuilders), but if not trained correctly, it could give you problems for the rest of your life. The key to building massive shoulders is to understand how the shoulder works and how to keep it healthy.

    When you think about your shoulder, what comes to mind are the deltoid muscles. You have a front deltoid, middle deltoid, and a rear deltoid to keep things simple.

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Deltoids Anatomy.

    Shoulders are a body part that are secondarily worked on when training just about every other body part, so a lot of sets are not needed for growth or development.

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-> Exercise Suggestions:

    Here is a diagram showing where different exercises stimulate the chest:

Chest Exercises
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Chest Exercises.


Our goal is to provide you with the information that will become beneficial in many ways and will give you the confidence to incorporate this exercise into your weekly workout routine.

In the next episode, watch Jim and Josh in the gym performing proper spotting techniques while using a training partner. We will also be covering some of the most common variations that will help you pack on muscle and get the best results for possibly competing in a bench press competition or bodybuilding contest.

Learn how to apply the benefits from this exercise to specific sports and maintain the perfect mindset. You will also learn how to target sections of your anatomy that you notice need improvement.

In the mean time, check out Jim Britain's BodySpace Profile.
Also check out Josh Griffith's BodySpace Profile.

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