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LiftRite Video Guide: The Deadlift - Part 2!

Watch as Jim Britain guides Josh Griffith through advanced techniques of the deadlift. Also learn how to utilize a weight belt and incorporate lifting straps while performing these exercise variations, and focusing on injury prevention! Tune in now...

Episode #2: Deadlift Part 2

In the second installment of LiftRite with Jim and Josh, we will show you how the deadlift can maximize your fitness results by showing you the following:

Tune in and learn all you need to know to get started toward achieving your fitness goals!

LiftRite Episode #2
Deadlift Part 2

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One of the main advantages of deadlifting includes overall muscle development. I feel deadlifts are superior to the squat as they feel good to perform, and provide a near total body workout. The muscles targeted during the deadlift include:

-> The Back:

    Deadlifts are viewed primarily as a back movement; as this is where the main stress is throughout the movement. Indeed, the lower back (the erectors) will become big and strong after a surprisingly short period, with the deadlift. The latissimus dorsi and associated muscles are also worked to a large degree - especially at the top of the movement.

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Anatomy Of Back Muscles.

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Properly Developed Back Muscles.

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-> The Gluteus Maximus & Associated Muscles:

    The deadlift is probably the best movement in terms of developing round, strong, glute muscles. On ascension, at the sticking point, the glutes are bought into play and can be squeezed at this point for a maximal contraction. Deadlifts also work all the surrounding hip/pelvic muscles.

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Anatomy Of Gluteus Maximus Muscles.

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Properly Developed Gluteus Maximus Muscles.

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-> The Legs:

    The deadlift works the entire leg region much the same as the squat does (except the squat is in many ways a superior leg developer). In fact most of the deadlifting movement is executed by the legs, with the back holding everything in place.

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Anatomy Of Legs Muscles.

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Properly Developed Leg Muscles.

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-> The Arms:

    All arm muscles are contracted during the ascension phase of the deadlift. The forearms, in particular, are worked tremendously.

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Anatomy Of Arm Muscles.

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Properly Developed Arm Muscles.

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-> The Shoulders & Trapezius:

    Upon completion, at the top of the movement, the shoulders are pulled back slightly which stresses them along with the trapezius. Big deadlifters are renowned by their massive shoulder and trap development.

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Anatomy Of Shoulder & Trapezius Muscles.

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Properly Developed Shoulder & Trapezius Muscles.

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Sports Related Uses

The deadlift can benefit your sports performance in many ways. By utilizing these techniques to gain overall muscle size and strength you will find that it pays off ten fold on the court, track, field, or stage during your sporting events. Next time you compete you will be one step ahead of the competition!

-> Football:

    Acquire quick bursts of pushing strength for off the line hard hits.

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-> Basketball:

    The deadlift strengthens the fast twitch muscle fibers in the calves, quads, and hamstrings to help give you explosive jumping strength and core strength for fast direction changes and passing skills.

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-> Bodybuilding:

    Get that overall body symmetry that the judges look for in the perfect balanced physique. This exercise will stimulate your whole body for maximum growth.

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Check back soon for the next episode of LiftRite. We will be back with the next big exercise to help you reach your personal goals and fitness aspirations. Bust through plateaus and take your physique to the next level by performing these exercises correctly and maximizing your time spent in the gym.

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