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LiftRite Video Guide: Episode #13 - Tri-Phase 4 Day Split - Phase 1!

In this episode you will see the 1st of three episodes that will walk you through a new innovative 4 day tried and true workout split for maximum results. Join Mark Lobliner and Derek Charlebois' from SciVation...
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Episode #13: Tri-Phase Workout - Phase 1

Need a new work out regimen to bust through a plateau? Well this 4 day workout split will give you a fresh and innovative approach to attack your body from all angles. This regimen utilizes basic compound exercises that have been compiled to maximize the stress on every major body part with a rep range of 6-10 for true size and strength gains.

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The Tri-Phase workout split is arranged in a way that your muscles have ample time to recover which plays a key roll in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals and aspirations. Marc Lobliner, owner of SciVation, and Derek Charlebois', Marketing Manager at SciVation, have taken the time to come to the small town of Boise, Idaho and share this new program with all the LiftRite Viewers.

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Marc Lobliner (left), Derek Charlebois' (right).

That is why here at we have spent countless hours building the best online exercise, anatomy and nutrition guides to help you bust through plateau's and achieve the look you have always wanted.

Tune in and learn all you need to know to get started toward achieving your fitness goals!

LiftRite Episode #13
Tri-Phase Workout - Phase 1

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Learn how to stay motivated by seeing results in the way of muscle size and strength. This will help you focus on reaching your fitness goals and aspirations. We all know the first thing a person should do after meeting a goal is to make another one.

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Nutrition Tips

Utilize the calculators below to find the recommended calorie range that you should consume to make sure you are getting what you need to function properly for every day tasks yet maintain a calorie deficit to promote weight loss at a healthy rate.

-> Tip 1:

Much needed minerals for providing the body with energy. The four macronutrients are protein (source of amino acids), carbohydrates, lipids (fats), and water - all of which you need in plentiful amounts each day.

Weight -
Activity -
Meals Per Day -
Calories Per Day
Calories Per Meal

    For a complete macronutrient breakdown calculator click Here!

-> Tip 2:

    Try to keep your protein intake high enough to promote muscle growth. Consume about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.


-> Tip 3:

    Keep your carbs just below those numbers and only incorporate good fats into your diet, remembering that too much fat, good or bad, will ultimately make you fat. Some fat is necessary to maintain hormones and keep your metabolism running fast. Try to consume the majority of your daily allowance of carbs early in the day when you are most active.


Take what you have learned here and apply this knowledge to your every day life. Once you attain your goals try not to fall into the yoyo diet trap by bouncing back and forth with fluctuating weight and sporadic eating habits. Stick to the foods that work for you and fits your lifestyle or you will not stick to it. Watch portion sizes and balance your macronutrients for each meal so your body can process and utilize the calories correctly.

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