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Lifestyle Tips To Fight Stress & Anxiety: Don't Let Your Health Slip With The Economy.

The economy may be lower than ever, but you can rise above that anxiety. Follow four simple steps to avoid stress and change your life forever.

Article Summary:
  • Exercise gives us more energy to deal with the stress of work.
  • Fitness can help make you more hirable.
  • Follow four simple steps to change your life forever.
  • Imagine having a full source of energy all day long. From sunrise to sunset, you feel like you're on about a dozen energy drinks. Think about how much you could get accomplished - how much fun you could have throughout your day. Think about how others would love being around you because you were so upbeat. You would inspire others to have a better day. This isn't just imaginary. You can reach this state by focusing on health and fitness: Exercising, eating with precision, and battling the anxiety that keeps you up at night.

    It's true: the economy is lower than it's been in a long time. It's all around us, and most of us (myself included) don't like what we're seeing. Unfortunately, we seem to forget about our health in times like these. Instead, we focus on our problems, get stressed out, and eat foods that we probably shouldn't.

    In times like these, it's more important than ever to focus on our health. It adds to our productivity and energy levels; staying fit can help us land a job; and fitness helps combat anxiety, along with preventing problems that can result in expensive doctor visits.

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    Co-Author Stuart Schaefer.
    In Times Like These, It's More Important Than Ever
    To Focus On Our Health.

    Productivity & Energy

    Can you envision having more time during the day? Better yet. How about being able to slow down time so that you could breeze through life's projects without letting go of your day?

    When people try to make excuses for NOT focusing on health and fitness, they usually return to the old, "I don't have time," excuse. In this author's opinion, that excuse is completely bogus!

    Spending just a fraction of time exercising actually adds more time to your life. How? Well, a couple things happen when we exercise. We energize our bodies and, in turn, can become more productive and efficient at work. We get more done and keep on working through that normal afternoon lull. Our minds begin to function better. We're sharper; we process faster; and our thoughts are more organized.

    eating eating
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    Exersize Energizes Our Bodies.

    Exercise also gives us more energy. We feel better, act better, and make better decisions. This translates into better performance, better results, more money, more self-time, and more happiness. And, we're taking care of our bodies in the process. There's a lot to be said for the mind-body connection. Keeping a strong body promotes a strong mind.

    Work also stresses us physically. By maintaining a strong body, we're better able to handle the strain work dumps on us. We can sustain our performance physically, and prolong our ability to engage - mentally and emotionally - in the job at hand.

    Adding exercise into our schedules also adds a little positive pressure. It forces you to plan your day more precisely, helping you to stay on task and barrel through your list of "to do's." And if you don't have a big list of to do's because you're out of work, focusing on your health will help solve the no-work blues.

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    Co-Author Kent Paul.
    By Maintaining A Strong Body, We're Better Able To Handle
    The Strain Work Dumps On Us.


    One thing that so many people overlook is how fitness can help land a job - and let's face it, the job factor is more important now more than ever. An estimated 10 million people are currently job hunting.

    So let's look at Wall Street, since that seems to be where a lot of chaos is happening. People are out job hunting. They want to nail that interview. Well, fitness can help make you more hirable. Think about it. When you're taking care of yourself, it shows. You have better posture, your face looks more vibrant, and your overall demeanor becomes more powerful. When you walk into an interview, you're the one that's going to get the job.

    How Important Is Physical Appearance In A Job Interview?

    Very Important.
    Not Important.
    Not Sure.
    It Depends On The Job.

    Also think about this: Have you ever asked someone how they're doing and gotten a response like, "I'm surviving," or "Not too bad," or "I could be worse," or the always inspiring "Just trying to make it through the day." Nine times out of ten, these people don't exercise or take care of themselves. They're just surviving in life instead of thriving. The worst part is that no one wants to be around someone like this.

    We've all had bad days and been in bad moods. It's normal - especially when things are so uncertain. However, it's important to be able to change your mood. I know this can sometimes be difficult, but the process is fairly simple:

    • Listen to your favorite song.
    • Sing in the car when you hit congestion.
    • Think of your favorite scene from a movie.
    • Imagine your kids.
    • Do a good deed.

    Do whatever it takes to get into a good mood. It makes the day better and keeps your energy high.

    Life is incredible. Get excited just thinking about it! There are so many great things in life, yet it's startling how many people can be so negative. Sometimes we lose sight of how great life is, or can be. We begin to focus on the negative things around us. We fall into a rut of fear and discouragement, forgetting how enjoyable life really is. Once you take control of your life, you will realize how truly great it is and what a privilege it is to be alive!

    Staying fit & healthy puts us in a thriving mode. Part of success is loving what you do and getting excited about life. Don't just live - thrive! Enjoy your life to its fullest.

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    Don't Just Live - Thrive!

    When you start thriving, others notice and are drawn to you. In your presence, people find that their mood naturally improves, and everyone has more fun. You will actually become better in all areas of your life, and experience just how awesome life is. This is where promotions, raises, dating, and family come into play. Having a good attitude and thriving sends the attractive message that you're passionate and successful.

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    Eventually, your dreams come true. As you probably know, it's called the Law of Attraction, and it's certainly no "secret." If you live life with a positive outlook - always thinking about what you want - you will attract the fulfillment of your desires, as well as other people with similar desires. If you believe you can achieve it, you will!

    Maybe you've been coasting through life, depressed, sitting on a couch as life passes you by. Forget about it - it doesn't matter anymore!

    Depressed? Hit The Gym!
    Depressed? Hit The Gym!
    Endorphins Have An Antidepressant Effect!

    Week #139 - 11/18/2008
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    Whatever you were doing is in the past and NOW is the time to get up and change. Why wait? What better time is there to change than as you read these words? This is just the dawn of an entirely new and better life. It's not too late to start enjoying life, but the decision is yours. Do you want the life that you currently have? Or, do you want the life that you know is possible? Remember, you are responsible for every success and failure.

    Take time to take care of yourself. Get in the gym; treat yourself to a massage - even in these times. When you can start thriving, life won't seem so bad.

    Anxiety & Prevention

    It seems like every TV and radio show is slamming us with how bad life is and how stressed we should be. Let's face it, everywhere we look there's something reminding us how bad the world is. But let's be honest, no matter what the media says, the world isn't coming to an end. Ok. I realize the financial sectors have taken a hit, but remember that this is all temporary. Things move in cycles.

    So why do we seem to self-sabotage and damage ourselves by eating junk food, consuming too much alcohol, and becoming lazy during every low cycle? It doesn't make sense. These things just make life that much worse. Think of it this way: we are programming our bodies and our minds to sink even deeper into the dark abyss. Well, it's time to stop the madness - NOW!!

    Step 1: Exercise Every Day:

      It's time to reprogram the mind and body. And the first step is to start exercising every day - no matter what!

    How Many Days A Week Do You Exercise?


      After 30 minutes of exercise, the body releases a hormone called Endorphins into the brain. This release directly affects the frontal lobe - the pleasure center of the brain - and we experience what's called a "natural high." Triggering this release can automatically cut your stress in half and can last for 6-8 hours. What does this mean? No matter how you feel each day, schedule in 30-60 minutes of exercise. You will trigger a "natural high" and reduce your stress.

    Step 2: Examine Your Diet:

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    Is Your Eating Adding To Your Quality Of Life.

    Step 3: Stress Management:

      The third step is stress management. At the end of each day, we need to create a habit that relieves stress, and adds a component of health to our lives. For example, take a hot bath, sit in quiet to decompress, watch your favorite sitcom, etc.

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    Take A Hot Bath To Relieve The Stress Of The Day.

      The worst thing to do is to go home and try to eat your misery away. If you can make good choices, and commit to them for 21 days, you can create new habits and start creating a better way of life. It's very important though, to make sure to commit for at least 21 days.

    Habits: Your Month-Long Guide To Change.
    [ Click here to learn more. ]
    Habits: Your Month-Long Guide To Change.
    Here is a four week strategy plan I've put together that you can use to pick up or break a habit. It will ease you in and make you feel more comfortable.
    Shannon Clark

    Step 4: Give Thanks:


    Doing these four simple steps for 21 days could change your entire life forever. Remember: life is nothing but our perceptions of the world and ourselves. Choose to be thankful for what you have and your life will be amazing.

    About The Authors:

      Both authors help make up Kpaul Fit ( A company that develops Full Life Transformation programs, which include -

      • Customized Nutrition Plans
      • Personalized Exercise Programs
      • Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching
      • And Emotional fitness guidance

      Stuart Schaefer is the author of Lifetime Physique, a hot new fitness book that focuses on building inner-strength, then moving into a physical transformation. Schaefer is also a nationally recognized speaker and fitness consultant. He has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly a decade and has appeared on numerous television & radio shows across the United States. You can send any questions to Stuart at

      Kent Paul is one of the most sought after trainers and fitness consultants in the United States. He has a degree in kinesiology and nutrition; he is backed by HARDKORETM (The Official Strength Equipment for NBC's American Gladiators); and he is endorsed by the Miss USA pageant (co-owned by Donald Trump and NBC). If that isn't enough Paul also writes a fitness column and is a former Mr. Colorado champion. You can send any questions to Kent at