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Lee Priest Interview: Part 2!

Interviewed and edited by Ryan DeLuca. A lively chat with the man himself Mr. Lee Priest. Get the scoop right here.

Interviewed and edited by Ryan DeLuca.

September 28th, 2001 - OUR SECOND CHAT WITH HIM.

RyanDeLuca: This year you AND Flex Wheeler are not competing in the Mr. O.


RyanDeLuca: Why exactly are you not competing in it this year???

PRIEST: Too many distractions and could not prepare for it 100%.

RyanDeLuca: What type of distractions?

PRIEST: No endorsement contract and having to move. All that kind of stuff. Do I Spend money on the show or do I pay rent?

RyanDeLuca: Lee, your contract ended with Prolab. Now you are most likely signing with BOTH AND MuscleTech. How do you feel about this?


RyanDeLuca: What will change?

PRIEST: Everthing. Being with a company like which knows about the sport helps. All these other companies like Prolab have gone excutive type.

RyanDeLuca: How do you feel about Prolab now that it's over??

PRIEST: Like I was slapped in the face.

RyanDeLuca: Yeah, you MADE Prolab in a way. They just left you. What's up with that?

PRIEST: Dont know. I guess they have bigger plans with "Vince the Invincible", the new cartoon character in their ads.

RyanDeLuca: HE LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU! What competitions are you doing next?

PRIEST: The Ironman, Arnold and Olympia.

RyanDeLuca: YES! That will be great to see you compete in those shows! Some new people to compete against.

Another chatter: How much do you bench and squat?

PRIEST: Bench 550 for 6, squat 775 for 5.

Another chatter: Lee what do you think of static contraction training?

PRIEST: I don't think about it.

RyanDeLuca: Where did you move to Lee??

PRIEST: Lancaster, California. In their outback.

RyanDeLuca: LEE, will you be watching the Mr. O this year? Or do you even care?

PRIEST: No, I'll be at the expo in your booth but no I'll hear the results the next day. I'll see the video.

RyanDeLuca: Lee, Do you read the bodybuilding mags often to keep up with the latest news about the other pros?

PRIEST: Just the gossip to see what I've done. I read Flex, MuscleMag and Ironman.

Another chatter: How many day a week do you lift?

PRIEST: 1 on 1 off, contest 4 on 1 off

RyanDeLuca: LEE, Is Your hair still blue? And is Cathy's still black?

PRIEST: No, my hair is brown now. Cathy's is still black.

RyanDeLuca: BROWN! You are changing your hair color every month! What's next, green? =)

PRIEST: Green, yes thanks.

RyanDeLuca: LEE, Have you gotten bigger over the last few years?

PRIEST: People say I have. When you see yourself all the time, it's hard to tell. I hope to keep on growing.

Another chatter: Lee, if you had to do it all over again, would you have gone the natural way?

PRIEST: Probably not. I wanted to see how freaky I could get. It's like racing a car on normal gas. I use high octane. Sometimes you have to go all out.

Another chatter: How old were you when you first starting using?

PRIEST: 19. When I started I used Deca 200mgs a week. I was already 3-time Mr. Australia clean.

Another chatter: So Lee, this olympia has been pretty hyped, do you think there could be a change in crown?

PRIEST: No, Ronnie Coleman will win. Who knows who will come in places 2 through 5 though.

RyanDeLuca: Do you think you can win the Ironman and/or the Arnold, Lee?

PRIEST: I think that I can, but the judges might think different.

Another chatter: Do you think what King Kamali is doing for the sport is good?

PRIEST: It was good at first but it's gone on too long.

Another chatter: What does Cathy think of the direction of women's bodybuilding?

PRIEST: She hates it.

Another chatter: Are the women's competitions rigged?


Another chatter: Do you like it out west, or do you miss Austrailia?

PRIEST: I miss Australia.

Another chatter: Sorry you won't be doing the Mr. O. I was pulling for you.


RyanDeLuca: Here is that video for you guys to check out. YO! Want to see a employee PUNCH Lee Priest? - 48 seconds, 4.9 MB.

RyanDeLuca: And check out his BLUE hair.

PRIEST: Yeah. Hey, someone has to be different.

RyanDeLuca: On that video, Lee gets punched, flexes his biceps, talks with Cathy. It's cool!


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