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Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 10, Day 68

We're moving back over to your upper body now, and are going to hit the muscles hard with a back and biceps workout.

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We're moving back over to your upper body now, and are going to hit the muscles hard with a back and biceps workout.

Be sure that you also get in your 26-30 minutes of cardio training today either after your workout or later on in the day.

Since we're in the final weeks of the 12 week Lean Body program I want to talk a little more about maintaining your fitness once you've completed the program.

Week 10, Day 68 Back and Biceps!
Watch the video: 4:21

Staying The Course

If you're not satisfied with your condition at the end of the 12 week program, then I would encourage you to keep going. Great bodies aren't built overnight, and it's not unusual for those who go through the Lean Body Program for 12 weeks to want to push further.

On the other hand, you may come to the conclusion that you love the way you look and don't want to get any leaner. If you want to maintain your lean body without further fat loss, increase your food intake a little bit to cancel out the calorie deficit for fat loss.

In other words, you want to eat as many calories as you burn on any given day.

You can cut back on some of your cardio, but I encourage you to keep some cardio for the health benefits it has on your heart.

What you do want to remember is that you should never stop your weight training sessions:

  • Weight training stimulates muscle tissue and your metabolism.
  • The more muscle you carry, the more calories you burn, meaning it is important for building muscle and burning fat.

Turning the Lean Body program into a lifelong passion for the pursuit of physical fitness and excellence is a worthwhile goal. I hope that you will choose to stick with your training and nutrition program long after the 12 weeks is done, and keep it as a foundation for your lifestyle.

The Workout

Back and Biceps Workout



  • Minutes 1-2: Level One (Easy resistance)
  • Minutes 3-5: Level Two (Moderate resistance)
  • Minutes 6-9: Level Three (Difficult resistance)
  • Minutes 10-11: Level Two
  • Minutes 12-15: Level Three
  • Minutes 16-17: Level Two
  • Minutes 18-21: Level Three
  • Minutes 22-24: Level Two
  • Minutes 25-26: Level One

Tomorrow is another cardio day, so make sure you're focusing on burning that stubborn fat as you do your conditioning.

We'll also be discussing the importance of Hydration, and some alternatives to water.

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