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Bodybuilding Goal Checklist!

Learn the keys to achieving your goals with a bodybuilding checklist!

Desire - Desire is the force that drives you toward your bodybuilding goals. It is what motivates you to endure those intense, physical workouts. You have to want your goal badly. If you don't want it, believe me, nobody else wants it for you!

Belief - You must believe, without a doubt, that you can achieve your bodybuilding goals. Belief is the foundation of success.

Write It - Your goals need to be written, or they are merely wishes. If a goal is worth setting, then it is worth writing. Write it in as much detail as possible.

Determine The Benefits - Why do you want this goal so badly? If you cannot think of a good enough reason, is it worth going after? Make a list of all the benefits you will receive from achieving your goal.

Analyze Your Current Status - Where are you currently in your bodybuilding endeavor? Until you know where you are now, you will never know where you need to be. The most detailed map in the world is useless if you do not know your current location.

Set A Deadline - When do you want to achieve your goal? On most goals, you need a deadline, or you will not strive to achieve it in a timely manner. Deadlines create a sense of urgency.

road block Identify Obstacles - Be prepared to face hurdles along the way. But if you are prepared to handle the worse, everything else that comes your way is a walk in the park.

Identify The Knowledge You Will Need - We often must learn new things to completely accomplish our goals. Whether it is a new program or a textbook you are reading, identify the knowledge you will need to know in order to reach your goals.

Identify People Or Organizations To Assist You - We often need others to help us get what we want. And we should reciprocate the process; help others get what they need and want. Don't be ashamed to admit you need help achieving your goal. Surround yourself with people that have a positive impact on your life. Get rid of those who don't.

Devise A Plan - Put down, on paper, and in detail, how you are going to achieve your goal. Put down the activities you will need to get involved in so that you reach your goal. Most people do not have a fitness plan devised, they just wander from machine to machine, exercise to exercise. Develop a plan to get to where you want to be.

Create A Mental Image - Imagine your goal already attained. Create a crystal clear picture of you enjoying your goal. The more you think about enjoying your goal, the more your subconscious begins to work and move you closer to the attainment of your goal.

finich line Resolve Never To Give Up - Finally, resolve to never, ever quit. You must determine the price you have to pay to achieve your fitness goals, and then resolve to pay that price. Be persistent and determined to reach that finish line. You will be a much stronger person for it in the end.

The more of these items you can include in your routine, the closer you will be to success in your bodybuilding endeavors.

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