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5 Strong Reasons To Start Lifting!

1999 Mr. Idaho describes the five strongest reasons to start lifting and also how quality workouts become quality gains!

1. It firms your flab zones. Strength training lets you zero in on problem areas, whether it's hamstrings and glute exercises to firm your butt, of triceps moves to tone your "chicken arms". You can also use weights to add symmetry to your whole body.

2. It keeps bone disease at bay. Weight -baring exercise stimulates bone-cell development, helping to prevent osteoporosis. It also strengthens muscle and connective tissues that protect bone, thus staving off injury.

3. It battles life's little hazards. Can your body roll with the punches? It can if you have muscle. Strengthening muscle makes you sturdier by fortifying three key body parts: the tendons that connect your muscles to your bones, the ligaments that hold your joints together and the bones themselves.

4. It makes you look leaner. Good posture depends on the strength, endurance and flexibility of the various muscles in your back, shoulders and abs. Simply changing the way you carry yourself can make you look a lot trimmer, too. Concerned about a little belly flab? Standing tall will help it magically disappear.

5. It helps your heart. Done regularly, strength training can improve your muscle-to-fat ratio, making your body leaner and putting less stress on your heart muscle. Recent studies show that a leaner body also has beneficial effects on blood pressure, lowering the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease.

If you're convinced dieting is the only answer to your weight control problems, think again. It's the same for running, cycling, kickboxing or any other type of fat-burning cardio exercise. No, you haven't been completely crazy all these years watching your diet and breaking a sweat get you part of the way to your ideal weight. But to push you across the finish line you need one thing: Strength training. How, exactly, do muscles help you to lose weight? They burn excess calories in two ways: First, during the actual exertion of exercise, but second, and more important, muscle tissue burns calories all day long even while you're sleeping. And each new pound of lean muscle may raise your metabolism as much as 50 calories a day. That's how greater muscle mass helps you lose weight without severe dietary restrictions. It also means that you can eat more without fear of gaining weight. Muscle gives your body firm and shape too. Here's my sales pitch on why cardio alone won't do the trick. Don't get me wrong: Aerobic exercise burns calories, and it may elevate your metabolism for a short time afterward. But to see its limits, you may be a cardio fanatic and could probably run circles around me. But evaluate your self You probably have lost some muscle tone and put on a few pounds. This goes for both male and female. You may have found yourself going up a pant or dress size while the number on the scale stays the same. The problem is that as we get older, compact muscle tissue is replaced by lighter, bulkier fat tissue. So can you see why strength training is so important? So have you heard enough? Good then get started.