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After Lay-Off, Back To The Gym Workout!

Lance has been an avid bodybuilder and personal trainer for years! You can learn a lot from him! Stay tuned as he trains to become a Pro Natural Bodybuilder!

I've taken several months off from training because my personal training business has kept me busy. I still manage to get in my cardio 3-to-4 times a week. The breaks give my body time to rest and get ready for the next hard-core training season. Soon I will cut the cardio back and start training 3 times per week. It's a good split for me. If you're just starting back after a few months layoff you might want to give it a try.

Start with two big muscle groups on Monday: chest and back. Use a fitter ball to do chest press. Usually after a layoff your stabilizer muscles atrophy rapidly. The fitter ball brings them back quickly. Use weights you can rep at least 15 times for five sets. Do your first three sets of 15 with 1-minute rest times in between. Then for your last two sets, alternate your arms simultaneously. Next, move to a lat exercise. You'll be doing a "push" movement and complementing it with a "pull" movement. Bent-over rows are a good lat exercise. Five sets of 12 will suffice here. Watch your lower back putting safety before ego.

Now back to pecks. Barbell incline presses should work your upper pecks. Five sets of 12. Now move to seated rows with a medium grip. Five sets of 12. Remember to keep your back straight. Don't forget about your lower pecks. Decline dumbbell presses are one of my favorites. Five sets of 12. Finish off with 1-arm rows and a small abdominal circuit. Wednesday you can train quads and delts. Start with a good warm up on the treadmill. Ten minutes should be good. Then start your squats. You should spend at least 30 minutes on these. Next, move to military press. In-between sets do your leg presses. Super set these two moves. Next you can start a delt routine and super set that with hamstrings. The delt routine will consist of laterals, upright rows, rear delts and shrugs. Then do your hamstring curls in-between. Friday you can pick up your bis, tris and calves. When you start feeling comfortable with this you can start splitting up your work out regimen again.

I will do this for the next five weeks. You should take a before picture when you start. A picture is worth a thousand words. Date it and start working toward your goals. It feels good to have finally earned my pro card. Now the work really begins.