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My Post-Contest Review - Northwest Natural Bodybuilding Championships.

How did I do? What did I think? It's all here...

Well, the Northwest Natural Bodybuilding Championships has come and gone. I didn't do as well as I would have liked. I placed second to a fellow competitor who won the overall show. It was close, but the judges liked what he had to offer. (Check out the pics below and judge for yourself.) I plan on competing June 30th, 2001. The show will be in Idaho Falls. It's the Mr. Idaho Natural pro-qualifier. I'm looking even sharper because I've stuck to my diet. So I'm read to step on stage again.

The last two weeks before the Northwest Natural I spent all my time posing. No more cardio and no more workouts. Posing is a workout in itself. I started de-carbing two weeks prior to the show saving the last 3 days to carb up. I've never really dropped my carbs for a show before so I thought I would try it. The only thing I noticed was a huge drop in energy. When I started carbing up it just left me feeling sluggish. I started decreasing my water Thursday. By Friday, I cut my water completely. Friday night I went to get my polygraph test done and some bozo couldn't pass his drug test. By the time I was finished, it was 12:30 a.m. I got home and my wife still had to paint me. We got done at 3:00 in the morning. That's when the cramps set in. Dehydration cramps. I started sipping on water that night. I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and sipped on some more. My body started feeling better but I was so tired and I may have taken in a little too much water. So I don't think I will be cutting my water that soon again. When I stepped on stage I was feeling pretty weak. Sleep is a big factor in energy level and how my physique appears. I looked a little washed out.

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Posing At The Night Show

When I won the 1999 Mr. Idaho I didn't cut my carbs or water and I won the show. I looked full and ripped. I will stick to what works for me.

Another thin I learned from this show is how to achieve a better tan in less time. I have previously used Jan Tana Show Tan. I would have my wife paint three coats on Friday, one coat on Saturday morning before pre-judging and a final coat before the night show. I have really dry skin (especially when I'm dieting) so it is really hard to get the color even where the skin rubs off. What a huge pain! I finally tried ASN Dream Tan #2 before the night show. It is much more moisturizing so Tonya (my wife) didn't have as much difficulty getting the tan even. I also didn't need to use any posing oil. The best thinga bout Dream Tan is that one coat is all you need. We did a touch up before the night show but it took less than half the time.

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The Pose Down!
Light-Heavyweight Line-Up
The Winner Gets Named =(

My training for the Mr. Natural Idaho has been nothing but posing and a lot of road biking. I have a good friend, Corey Rudd, who has been making me pose every single day. He's very critical and has a great eye for what poses look good on me. It's really made a huge difference. I'm seeing cuts I've never seen before! I'm excited to show them off. I know what works!

Check back soon for more updates! Wish me luck as I try for my NGA pro card on June 30th.


Aaron Schow (1st Place)
Another Aaron Schow Pic
Lance Back Double Bicep
Lance Front Lat Spread
Lance Overhead Abs, Front Thigh
Lance Side Chest
Lance Other Side Chest
Lance Back Lat Spread

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