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30 Second Pullup, Squats, And Other Training Tips!

If you can't do a pull-up then you are leaving out one of the best back building exercises...

30 Second Pull-Ups

Lance's face If you don't (or can't) do pull-ups, then you are leaving out one of the best back-building exercises ever. You can't build a championship back without pull-ups - so listen up!

If you've never been able to do a single pull-up, then this program is definitely for you. The only thing you need is a stopwatch and a pull-up bar.

Begin by standing on a chair or bench. Grip the bar, putting your hands in a reverse grip, palms facing you, shoulder width apart. Start at the top of the movement. Have your training partner pull the chair out from under you.

pull-ups pull-ups
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Hold your chin above the bar for 30 seconds. Use a stopwatch and do 3 to 4 sets to start out with. If you can't do this many sets, don't worry - just do what you can. You'll want to do this exercise before you do any of your other back exercises.

I've had clients come in who have never been able to do a single pull-up in their life. Using this simple program, they start pumping out pull-ups in no time! I consider the pull-up a great power move for the back. Use it like you would use squatting for the quads, or the bench pressing for your chest. Soon you'll be able to do pull-ups with the best of them.

Additional Training Tips

Proper Squatting Technique

    When doing squats, don't let your knees come in on the ascent of the movement. This will lead to knee problems down the road. The main flaws responsible for harmful buckling of the legs are failing to flare your feet and positioning the heels too close together.

Proper Form

    Good form isn't merely about correct biomechanics, it's also about controlled rep cadence (tempo). Slow your rep speed to around three seconds up and another three seconds down, for each rep.

What Does Tempo Mean?
Tempo refers to lifting speed. The first number is lowering, the second is pausing in the bottom position, and the third is lifting. So a 4-1-2 tempo would be a 4 second lowering, a 1 second pause, and a 2 second lift.

Training Frequency

    Beginners should train each body part twice a week. For more intermediate and advanced bodybuilders, once per week training for each body part is often more productive.

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Leg Pressing

    Avoid an excessive force of movement when leg pressing. Never descend to a point where your low back starts to round. Discover your lowest safe position, and never descend below that point. To minimize stress on your knees, avoid forcefully locking out on each rep. Stop each rep about an inch short of lockout.

leg press leg press
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Leg Press.

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    Never train heavy for long periods of time. You may love your gains, but your joints will hate it in the long run. Always cycle your workouts. Train smarter, not harder.