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Cardiovascular Training Tips - Improve Your General Health!

Whether your goal is to improve your general health, the way your body looks, or both, cardiovascular training should be integrated into your fitness regimen. Learn more right here about why cardiovascular exercise is important.
Whether your goal is to improve your general health, the way your body looks, or both, cardiovascular training should be integrated into your fitness regimen.

Look at cardiovascular exercise as a way to improve your overall physical health. Cardiovascular training done on a regular basis keeps the heart pumping strong, blood circulating properly, and helps to improve your breathing capacity, while boosting your endurance.

A consistent program also reduces your blood pressure, reduces glucose-stimulated insulin secretion, increases HDL-cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol), and decreases total cholesterol.

The majority of people who are training in the gym these days, however, integrate cardiovascular training into their workout regimens for aesthetic purposes. Put very simply, they want to look good. How they feel usually comes secondary to the awesome-looking, lean physique they want to display.

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As you get a little older, it's important for you to see the bigger picture in terms of your health. Cardiovascular training keeps you healthy. A big, strong, lean, and muscular physique is great - but a big, strong, lean, muscular, and healthy physique is even better!

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Healthy Is Better.

Cardiovascular training helps you reduce your body fat levels because it helps regulate your metabolism. Why is regulating your metabolism important to fat loss? Let me use a metaphor to explain.

Metabolism Metaphor

Do you remember those spinning "tops" you played with as a child? You know those small, plastic or wood, cone-shaped toys?

When you snapped the little handle between your thumb and middle finger, the top would spin around and around on its tiny, pointed tip. Do you remember?

When you played with the top, your goal was to make the top spin as long and hard as possible by creating a powerful torque with your fingers. The more powerful the torque you created, the longer and harder the top would spin.

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Think of your body's metabolism just like the top's spinning motion. You control your body's metabolism by getting it to "spin" as long and as hard as possible. An effective cardiovascular training session is like a powerful "snap" you perform with your thumb and middle finger that gets the top spinning (or your metabolism running) long and hard.

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Cardio Vs. Body Fat

Does cardiovascular training help you burn body fat? It certainly does - but not in the way many people think it does.

Many people feel that the most significant benefit of cardiovascular training is that it burns body fat while you are working out. Although some of the body's fat stores can be burned off and used as energy during cardiovascular training, it's actually a very insignificant amount.

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One of the greatest benefits of cardiovascular training is its effect on your body's metabolism throughout the rest of the day. Effective cardiovascular training sessions rev up your body's metabolism just like your fingers get a top to spin.

The more effective your cardiovascular training session, the longer and harder your metabolism will function throughout the entire day.

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Skip Lacour.

A good, hard torque with your fingers will keep a top spinning for several minutes. Even if the top is only wobbling later, it is still spinning because of the powerful spin it was given earlier. The momentum that was created keeps the spin going long after your fingers have released the toy top.

How Many Times Per Week Do You Perform A Cardio Workout?


Sure, your metabolism won't be functioning as fast as it was a few hours after your cardiovascular training session as it was, let's say, 30 minutes after your workout. But as a result of your effective cardio workout, your metabolism will still be working harder than it normally would because of that session - even if it's only "wobbling" a little.

But just like the toy top, the momentum that you created from your effective cardiovascular training session will keep your metabolism going long after your cardio workout has been completed.

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