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An Interview With 2006 Olympia Qualifier, Branch Warren.

The following is an in-depth interview conducted with Warren as he relaxed in his Texan habitat minutes after one of his murderous workouts in the sweltering heat at Metro Flex gym.

Texas is polluted, dangerously so. It was ranked the highest in carbon dioxide emissions in 2004 out of all 50 states, fifth-highest in sulfur dioxide emissions, and third-highest in nitrous oxide emissions. At a rapidly increasing rate a distinctive amount of muscle has also intoxicated the Texas population bringing the attention of the bodybuilding world to the place these colossal cowboys call home.

Texans hope on a massive scale such as some of its mantels of muscle like Johnnie Jackson, Quincy Taylor and of course, the big nasty - Ronnie Coleman, but...

Today I want bring your attention to another one of its residents - Branch Warren.

Not that you need any persuasion to draw your attention to him as he has the natural ability to fixate onlookers only like a hypnotherapist can. Branch doesn't swing a pendant though, he backpacks 254lbs of Texan prime beef that has been fed on steaks the size of Volkswagens and heaves murderous amounts of weight within the confounds of the Metro Flex gym that tally to numbers greater than Chris Cormier's recent medical bill. interacted with the mighty beast merely a week prior to the competitor feast he was about to chew on at the 2006 Olympia. The following is an in-depth interview conducted with Warren as he relaxed in his Texan habitat minutes after one of his murderous workouts in the sweltering heat in Brian Dobson's hardcore hangout - Metro Flex gym.

The 2006 Olympia!
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[ KG ] Who and what is the real Branch Warren like as a person away from the bodybuilder?

    [ BW ] Some people think I am very shy. I'm not shy at all, I'm just very quiet. My wife would probably be better at answering this but I would have to say I am focused, extremely intense and a hard worker. When I'm not working I like to go fishing and camping, and very seldom do me and my wife ever talk about bodybuilding.

Guest: Branch Warren
Date: 03/13/06
(Radio Show 31) - mp3 (14.7 MB)

[ KG ] So I guess you're almost ready to join Brian Dobson (Metro Flex gym owner) for one of his legendary hog hunting days?

    [ BW ] I can go one better than that - we are planning to go on a bear hunting trip soon in Mexico.

[ KG ] Although you aren't the typical "bad boy" bodybuilder, you have that "bad @ss biker" image that has attracted a rapid fan base increase (including myself) that has made you become one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. You may not own a bike but you do have a pair of the biggest wheels in the world. My question to you is - Should Branch Warren have been the recipient of the Best Wheels award at the 2005 Olympia?

    [ BW ] Some people have said to me that I should have won it but Jay has some awesome legs and I think it could've gone either way.

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"Jay Had Some Awesome Legs."
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[ KG ] You beat Jay for the Junior National title when you were just 18 years old. Why is it that Jay's body grew so quickly in his early years following this show whilst your body is making its vast improvements a little later?

    [ BW ] I think it could be because sometime after that show I took a break and I had other commitments to attend to, and on top of that I have suffered some injuries, but now that I have the stability in my life to be a full time Pro bodybuilder I am able to make my leaps and bounds.

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Branch Warren.
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[ KG ] At this years Olympia are we going to see a major evolution in your physique comparative your Arnold Classic appearance where you placed runner-up to Dexter Jackson?

    [ BW ] Yes you will. I can break it down like this. I weighed in at 238lbs for the Arnold in March and when I weighed myself this morning a week out for the Olympia, I am at the same body fat weighing in at 254lbs.

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Dexter & Branch At The 2006 Arnold.
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[ KG ] A major change to this years Olympia is that the Pre-judging will take place on the Friday whilst the finals are held the following evening. Does this sit well with you or does this pose a concern?

    [ BW ] I'm not looking forward to it because it means holding the condition a little longer. It doesn't pose a concern for me at all because we are all in the same boat and I did it without a problem as an amateur when I competed at the Nationals.

Branch Warren
Branch Warren
2006 Mr. Olympia Competitor.
Photo By SecondFocus.

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[ KG ] Will your strategy differ when confronted with a show stretched over two days?

    [ BW ] Not really. I just have to wait a little longer before I can eat or drink.

[ KG ] Last year you placed 8th at the "O". Which of those top seven do you see you could by-pass in next weeks show?

    [ BW ] I don't make predictions and I don't think about the other competitors. I focus on Branch Warren 100%. Only I have control on myself. There is nothing I can do about the other guys or what the judges think of me.

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Branch At The 2005 Olympia.
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[ KG ] I have been fortunate enough to shoot your training in the habitat of Brian Dobson's Metro flex gym, in which I have never witnessed such intensity since watching one of Dorian Yates' workouts within the confines of his own Dungeon - Temple gym.

Do you fear that these ferocious workouts will result in the magnitude of injuries "The Shadow" endured or possibly the amount Sandow trophies he collected?

    [ BW ] I hope the latter. I have had my fair share of injuries in the past that I think is a direct result of my training style but I actually feel better now than I ever have. I am more conscious now to do everything I can to keep injuries to a minimum, for instance I will have weekly chiropractic care and muscle activation technique manipulation on a regular basis. I warm-up rigorously and always stretch out.

    I used to warm-up with 315lbs on bench press but these days I will start with a single 45Ib plate on each side.

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[ KG ] Many writers and fans have made comment that they haven't seen the grainy appearance you display since Yates's retirement. Is this because you have similar training, dieting patterns or is it because you are willing to go the extra mile with your contest work ethic where others stop short?

    [ BW ] I think it's all of the above. I haven't really spoken to Dorian but from what I have read about him and witnessed from his training video we both train similar and push ourselves 100% at 100% of the time and this is probably a major contributing factor to why I display the grainy condition like Dorian.

Vital Stats
  • Name:  Dorian Yates
  • Location:  Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, England
  • Born:  April 19, 1962
  • Height:  5'10"
  • Off Season Weight:   Around 280 lbs.
  • Competition Weight:   Around 260 lbs.
  • Favorite Exercise:   Bent-Over Rows
Guest: 6-Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates
Date: 12/12/05
(Radio Show 22) - mp3 (12.1 MB)

[ KG ] In the past you have told me that Australia was quite similar to Texas and if you were to live anywhere else, Oz would be it. Is there a strong possibility that you will make the move and if so, why and where exactly?

    [ BW ] I have no immediate plans to move. I have recently bought a very nice house here in Texas and all of my friends and family are here, but in the future, if we want to try living in another part of the world for a while, Australia will definitely be the place.

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G'Day Mate!
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[ KG ] Is there a particular psyching up process you go through prior to you entering the gym and how long before does it begin?

    [ BW ] I get into my vehicle which used to be my Hummer but now that has been traded for a Yukon. I drink a cup of strong coffee on the way to Metro Flex gym whilst listening to some crazy heavy metal and thinking about what I want to look like next time I stand on stage. It's a 20 minute drive to the gym so by the time I get there I'm ready to go to war.

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[ KG ] Do you write down your training progression?

    [ BW ] No I don't. My training regime is constantly changing so I don't log anything down.

[ KG ] Besides working as a private trainer, what do you do in your spare time?

    [ BW ] I have my own gym, my wife and I have a freight company that delivers throughout the world which takes up a big chunk of our time.

[ KG ] What is the most embarrassing situation you have found yourself in?

    [ BW ] (Laughs) I don't think I want to reveal that one Kris.

[ KG ] What is the strangest thing you have done in the past in an attempt to put on size?

    [ BW ] When I was a teenager I wanted to get big so bad that I took someone's advice and ate every piece of junk I could find - pizza, burgers, ice cream you name it. It was immediately after a show, I went from 185Ib to 220Ib in the space of a week and as a result I felt absolutely miserable.

    I quickly came to my senses and stopped eating for an entire day and went to the gym to do some cardio before getting into a realistic routine.

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Gorging On Junk Food Won't Give You These Results.
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[ KG ] How important are your training partners to your success.

    [ BW ] I have an awesome training partner (Jay Moore) and I don't want to down play him at all but I think my training would remain the same whether they are there or not - balls to the wall!

[ KG ] One of your training partners - Johnnie Jackson, has built up some momentum by winning the Montreal Pro Show. Will you beat him at the Olympia?

    [ BW ] Here you go again asking me to predict. You know I don't predict Kris but I have just got off the phone from Johnnie who is in Atlantic City about to compete there. I wish him all the luck and I always root for him unless I'm competing in the same show, so if I got first and he got second that would be the perfect finish in my eyes.

    Atlantic City Pro Top 5 Results

    1. Darrem Charles Atlantic
    2. Johnnie Jackson Atlantic
    3. Rodney St. Cloud Atlantic
    4. Marcus Haley Atlantic
    5. King Kamali Atlantic

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Johnnie Jackson At The Atlantic City Pro.
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[ KG ] I understand you are promoting your own show next July - The Branch Warren Classic? Could you tell me a little about that and how should people should reach you if they would like to take part in that show?

    [ BW ] It's on July 7th 2007 in Houston Texas. It's called the Branch Warren bodybuilding, fitness and figure extravaganza. There will also be a powerlifting competition there that will receive cash prizes.

    If anyone is interested in participating they can call Brian Dobson of Metro Flex gym who is co-promoting the show with me on (817) 465 9331. I will also have regular info in my column every month in Muscular Development as well as a small feature in an upcoming FLEX publication. Now Has Previews Of Each Issue Of Flex.

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You Can Find Regular Info In My Column.
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[ KG ] Could you give me a one word association to these names?

  • Markus Ruhl - Huge
  • Dorian Yates - Champion
  • Jay Cutler - Second
  • Lee Priest - Crazy
  • Gary Strydom - Almost
  • Branch Warren - Warrior

[ KG ] Is there anyone you would like to thank and/or anything you wish to add?

    [ BW ] First and foremost, my wife who has made a huge impact on my life in the last couple of years. Brian Dobson of Metro Flex gym and I would like to thank my mother for teaching me a lot. It took me time to figure her advice out, but she was right.

5 Humorous Questions For Branch Warren

[ KG ] 1. Do you have any weird habits?

    [ BW ] (Laughs) I don't think I do.

[ KG ] 2. Have you ever had a manicure?

    [ BW ] Yes, when I was on my honey moon in Australia after the G.P. there. I went into the spaw with my wife and I was told a manicure would be good to get the Pro Tan off. But when she started digging at my toes I had to quit.

[ KG ] 3. What's the weirdest email/question you have been asked?

    [ BW ] Man, I have had all sorts of weird sexual emails.

[ KG ] 4. What's the girliest CD you own and do you sing to it?

    [ BW ] (Laughs) I don't sing bro. The girliest CD I own would have to be Christina Aguilera.

[ KG ] You know you're fans will never look at you the same after that revelation!

    [ BW ] (Laughs)

[ KG ] 5. Which bodybuilder has the nicest eyes?

    [ BW ] My wife. She's a figure competitor.

[ KG ] Thank you for your time Branch. We at wish you all the best at the Olympia.

    [ BW ] No problem Kris. Good questions by the way.

Warrens Wallop

Branch Warren is a man that is not easily penetrated. Beholding this mutation of muscle within the confounds of Metroflex gym is like encountering a desperate wild animal that has just been fitted with restraints. I was fortunate enough to have an up close and personal account of Warren's excessive force recently when I had the fearful privilege of torturing my triceps with him whilst I was in Texas for the Europa Super Show.

Branch & Kris
Click Image To Enlarge.
Up Close With Branch.

"Come on muthaf#@*%r" he frequently screamed at himself to enrage his spirit before using the Dip Machine like a one night stand. If Branch was trying to impress me he did so quite convincingly by braking the machines plate bar due to the hefty amount of poundage he had stacked on that totaled more numbers than Chris Cormier's recent medical bill.

broken dip machine
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Now That's Impressive.

With members like Ronnie Coleman, Johnnie Jackson and Branch Warren combined, Metroflex owner Brian Dobson may have to consider playing Celine Dion through the gym whilst subsiding the uncontrollable animals with a delicate dash of relaxing Lavender if he would like to keep the his weights pen intact.

Have You Ever Broken A Workout Machine?


Writing and photography - Kris Gethin.