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An Interview With England's Eddie Abbew.

England's Hopes Heavily On Eddie: caught up with Eddie as he prepared for the Olympia with only two weeks counting down to the biggest night of his bodybuilding career. Read on...

England's Hopes Heavily On Eddie

Eddie Abbew has been as consistent on the pro scene as barrage of rude words coming from a Turrets sufferer. Unfortunately for a large portion of his career, that consistency has been an uphill battle to stay within the top ten.

Last year on the European tour a glimmer of light shined down on Abbew when he managed to snag a 6th place finish in Austria, a 5th place in Holland, and narrowly missing on an a Olympia qualifying spot in Romania with a 4th position. However, this wasn't his highest ranking in a Pro show, in 2005 when the Olympia Wild Card showdown was held the day prior to the main event, Eddie finished an impressive third place behind Brian Chamberlain and eventual winner David Henry.

On that particular day only one Olympia invite was handed out and Abbew had to return to his British drawing board. There he found fellow IFBB Pro Ernie Taylor, and then sought his advice on how to come in with the condition worthy of the judges attention and an Olympia ticket.

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Eddie Abbew.

Those questions were answered when he arrived at the 2007 Iron Man Pro where he was requested in the first call out straight after Toney Freeman, who went on to take the victory and with Mark Dugdale who took out the second. The Iron Man Pro served as an appetizer and main course when he placed in the top three but the dessert came with the qualification to the 2007 Mr. Olympia. caught up with Eddie as he prepared for the Olympia with only two weeks counting down to the biggest night of his bodybuilding career.

[ KG ] What was mare satisfying, finishing top 3 at the 2007 Iron Man Pro Show or qualifying for the 2007 Mr. Olympia?

    [ EA ] My name being called out second after Toney in the Iron Man prejudging. So, placing 3rd at the Iron Man.

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Eddie Abbew At The 2007 Iron Man.
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[ KG ] What had you done different to vastly improve your condition this year?

    [ EA ] I think I've learned a lot more about my body: how it reacts to dieting and my carbing up method has also changed. I eat a lot more food now because in the past I was losing too much muscle when I preparing for a show.

[ KG ] How are you carbing up differently and what prompted the change?

    [ EA ] Ernie Taylor advised me on this, my metabolism is extremely fast and having a fast metabolism also means it's easier for your body to burn muscle as equally fast. Because of this, I eat a lot of complex carbs when I carb load and lots of other food too. At the Iron Man, I was eating about 2500 grams of carbs a day when I was carb loading and I still wasn't putting on weight.


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[ KG ] Are you paying any attention to certain improvements for your Olympia appearance?

    [ EA ] I started training quads in a new gym called "Monster" in London where I had access to a better variety of leg equipment to improve on my quads and my calves. I have a lumbar disc protrusion with sciatic reference so I can't squat.

[ KG ] Can you leg press?

    [ EA ] Yes I can press and hack squat. Only the free squats are a risk to me.

[ KG ] Is it much different being a bodybuilder in the UK verses the US?

    [ EA ] Yes. It is very different bodybuilding in the UK. It's more frowned upon here than in the US.

[ KG ] Is it different prepping for a show there vs the US?

    [ EA ] I wouldn't know really because I've never prepped for a show in the states before but I suppose there are fewer gurus over here than in the states so there's always a disadvantage prepping for a European bodybuilder.


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Eddie Abbew Interview.
A 3rd place finish at the 2007 Iron Man - Not a bad start for a new season! Eddie discusses this turning point in his pro career and his plans for the rest of the year.
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[ KG ] Have you found yourself training and dieting harder knowing you are now getting ready for the worlds biggest stage?

    [ EA ] I have tried not to change much of the formula that got me to 3rd place at the Iron Man. I know if I try to do anything different, I might get carried away and make mistakes that will cost dearly. I don't know if training at the new gym has made a difference or not, we shall wait until the Olympia for it to be judged.

Eddie Abbew At The 2007 Iron Man.
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[ KG ] Can you run us through your last 24 hrs prior to a show?

    [ EA ] I go through the compulsory poses 5 times every 2 hours, rest, eat and watch TV. Sometimes I'll just chat to my kids online. It always makes me feel better when I chat to my kids.

[ KG ] Where do you hope to finish at the 2007 Mr. Olympia?

    [ EA ] After the Euro tour last year, I decided to just compete against myself. I focus on trying to bring a better package that my last contest.

[ KG ] Is there anyone in mind you would like to beat there?

    [ EA ] I don't think of the other competitors. In fact I am not sure of all of the people who have qualified.

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Eddie Abbew At The 2007 Iron Man.
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[ KG ] Can you give me your top 5 prediction?

    [ EA ] No.

[ KG ] How about the top two?

    [ EA ] I don't think I want to do that because I believe in the under dog, so I would prefer if another person other than Ronnie or Jay won.

Do You Want An Underdog To Win The 2007 Olympia?

Yes, That Would Be Awesome.
No, The Top Dogs Deserve It.

[ KG ] Like Eddie Abbew?

    [ EA ] Yes, sounds good to me. Was that a good answer?

[ KG ] Couldn't put it better myself.


    Eddie has just finished the filming of his new DVD called "STICKABILITY." It was filmed as close as four weeks out from his Olympia preparation and shows Eddie training in England at a huge 290lb.

    Just to give an impression of how big, full and conditioned Abbew was four weeks out, check out the accompanying picture which was shot during the taping of the movie. It is available via his website at