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2007 IFBB Europa Pro Finals Review.

Check out Kris Gethin's review of the 2007 Europa Pro finals here.

With only a couple of hours separating the prejudging and the finals we were only going to be privy to minor changes in conditional flaws and improvements this evening.

Nevertheless, the lighting, atmosphere and the buzz surrounding the shows outcome was evolving into something magnificent, however, the music guy did his best to stay on top of things but his DJ skills were as good as a geriatric spiked with Redline. Feedback should be left to us journalists, not the music man.

The Finals!

One of the higher points of the evening was the entertaining routines which were kicked off by Mike Ergas. It's a shame that many people are looking for the stiff drink to get them through the pain of watching routines as choreographed as Dorian Yates in ballet class, but today had the ingredients of well prepared, structured and thought through posing had the crowd nodding their heads and frequently cheering for most of the evening.

Shaking his massive thighs to 'The Hokey Pokey', Ergas woke the crowd up and made sure his professional debut was one to remember. He was slightly down in size in comparison to past outings but his spirit and applauds were high.

Tricky Jackson also sent adrenaline beads out to the well received crowd with his rendition of hip hop movements and fluid transition of poses which were much different to Ergas' but just as well composed.

Eugeny came out to a dramatic orchestra backdrop of music that fitted perfectly with his physique which was very dramatic in itself. Much of his promotional placement tools were assisted primarily by his condition on a physique that didn't have the shape to take him any further on this day. I suspect he came within in a snippet outside of the top five.

The above are what I cared to mention before the top five were brought onto the stage. This is how they placed

1st Place - Silvio Samuel

    Silvio Samuels's flowing physique moved to a very fluid R & B symphony which the women in attendance ate up by super size portions. His physique, presentation, and persona are a perfect representation of the sport.

    If 'outsiders' are looking in, they would admire and applaud accept Silvio, much like the hardcore following in attendance. His poster boy image along with his graciously filled muscle bellies took him to the top on this day and I am sure this will not be his last.

2nd Place - Will Harris

    Will Harris came out to an eerie and horrific tune of disaster and destruction, perfectly fitting for the spooky kid with the craving of public separation. Separation and destruction were all within his luggage when he left LA; the separation that riddled his physique and the destruction he imposed on everyone else's wish list.

    Will told me earlier this week that he was going to dominate this show, as does almost everyone else that lifts heavy things over their head but this time he was for real... almost. I suspect even bigger things will happen for Harris; he has the mass to mix it with the monsters but has the symmetry to counter punch the balanced boys.

3rdnd Place - Bill Willmore

    As I mentioned earlier, Bill Wilmore looked better as he posed and that continued into the evening. Bill could be seen posing at Miss Higgins bakery as he shoveled down plates of cupcakes between the prejudging and evening which assisted in the continued evolution of his muscles that came out more striated and fuller than hours before.

4th Place - Quincy Taylor

    Quincy Taylor continued to struggle this evening which signified the apparent water that was present had obviously been mistaken for good old fashion fat. As smooth as he is large wasn't a combination which faired well as it turned into a marinate that tasted bitter with disappointment.

    The way to describe Quincy's preparation for this show is best left in the words of Homer Simpson. 'Doh', Homer told

5th Place - Omar Deckard

    Omar's routine was very slow and smooth, deciding to opt out on some of his past crowd pleasing bopping grooves. The condition on Omar was a surprise as he had been looking physically tired as of late.

    He was fuller than recent showings and was deservingly placed where an athlete of his size should be. His legs are still bite sized in comparison to his upper body but at least he's back on his way, and fifith place at the Europa was a good place to start.


During the pose down Silvio playfully jousted with his muscle mutated compatriots by chewing on the ankles on Harris, Taylor, Deckard and Wilmore to fulfill another accomplishment - to be rightfully termed 'the ankle biter'.

You, the viewers of the live web cast were kind enough to vote Silvio Samuel as the 'Fans Choice' champion and in doing so awarded him with $1,000


A great evening was had by all but I would hate to be the music guy leaving the show in the dark of night.