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2007 IFBB Europa Pro Pre-Judging Review!

Read Kris's review of the 2007 Europa! He was on scene to capture the excitement of one of the biggest bodybuilding, fitness and figure events of the year! Check it out...

Athletes around the world are paying their dues as we speak. They will stop at nothing to reach new heights, whilst others sit in the comfort of their home snuggled up in front of the T.V. waiting for another episode of the Sopranos to entertain the evening.

Or maybe you are one of the endorphin filled characters that will venture into sleet, snow or torrential rain to obtain that daily dose of physical activity, better yet, physical greatness.


This morning, in the sweltering heat of the vast Texan plains was such a group who would stop at nothing to reach the mountainous peaks of physical dominance. Unbearable pain, a tolerance to decline a slice of caramel pecan cheesecake, and a precious wife who bares the patience of a teacher of a turrets class are all commodities expected from the elite of which I speak.

The creatures in subject, in which I bare accolades to are the IFBB athletes of the 2007 Europe Super Show.

A list of professional bodybuilders that read as lengthily as the lens on my trusty Canon (which still doesn't make up for my inadequacy) all made their way from their own sacrificial weights pens scattered across the world to challenge for the holy grail of VIP invitations - a ticket to the 2007 Mr. Olympia.

As everyone anticipates the outcome of tonight's Europa Super Show finals, the flash reports this morning's prejudging for you.

Following his win the previous evening in the under 210Ib class, Silvio Samuel came to bite on the ankles of the bigger boys who had lined with the bullying tactics of a 44 magnum standing off against a sling shot.

Silvio At Last Night's Show.
More Silvio Pics From The 2007 Europa.

That may well backfire... for the competition as the little ankle biter appeared so full with every passing second it was as if he was chewing down on glycogen between poses.

The shape, improved posing and imposing condition the Spaniard brought to the Texan table was enough to push most of the towering infernos of muscle to the peripheral limits of the stage. I say most, because another one of the Gold's gym regulars in Venice decided to spread his wings in an attempt to eclipse the limelight that Samuel has received as of late.

That person was big Will "World" Harris. The potential that had been playing peek-a-boo with us for a couple of years finally came out and shouted - 'Boo'. The definition that has previously been promised us on occasions decided to accompany Will and threaten to take its first Pro show win.

The battle of supremacy is definitely between Samuel and Harris but the order of preference is too close to call for this writer who is as excited as a teenager spoilt with concoctions of Playboy bunnies and tribulus.

View Comparison Pictures Here.

Harris has the size whilst Silvio has the fullness, Harris has more separation through the hamstrings where as Samuel has the glutes. Apples and Oranges are the fruits of the day here and the judges will have to juggle them to see which one tastes the sweetest.

Charles Glass is sat with me as we speak and voices the exact same opinion. "When Silvio came out it was no contest but as he started to spill and fade, Will came in tighter and fuller. I would have to lean towards Will but if Silvio comes out the victor then I have no problem with him deserving those spoils" Glass told us immediately following the prejudging.

Bill Willmore looks to be a solid third and has the rightful place to be so. His small waist and massive hanging lats added to a taper that was already impressive to hopefully qualify him into the Olympia lineup once again.

He appeared to be flat on first showing but the time on stage did him justice as he slowly but surely moved up the field.

The water that was evident on Quincy Taylor's physique appeared to enough to sink his ship that was previously set to sail to Texas domination. Q.T. was as big as ever but when his muscles were hidden by the striations on other competitors, the plan derailed him to another course of Olympia qualification.

Rounding out the top five should either be Omar Deckard or Eugeny Hishin. Eugeny had brought his best condition to date with size to boot, but so did Omar.

The judges may look at Omar's legs as being the shoe out of the top five, or they may look at Eugeny's incredibly short clavicles as being the ticket out of the money. This evening we will know for sure.


Check back with later this evening for the fastest and most accurate Europa finals report on the web.

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