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An Interview With 2007 Europa Competitor Quincy Taylor.

When caught up with the Q.T. this week he was less than eight weeks away from the Europa Super Show weighing in at a bone creaking 334 lbs... Learn more about Quincy and why he did not attend the Olympia in 2006.

A fifth place finish in his premier pro show signaled things to come, but since then Quincy Taylor has been used and abused in the pecking order poles like innocent symmetry placed in the hands of Greg Kovacs.

Quincy's 6'4" towering inferno has come close to a blaze of glory on more than one occasion without fulfillment of victory but his burning desire continues to his feed his monstrosity of mass until the winners trophy is held aloft so he can ride into the Olympia with at least one mission accomplished.

When caught up with the Q.T. this week he was less than eight weeks away from the Europa Super Show weighing in at a bone creaking 334 lbs, a full 14 lbs heavier at the same stage of Taylor's contest preparation last year.

I am personally sweeping together scraps of credibility I have assumed to place onto the Texan titan to come out head and shoulders above the rest of the field which include his biggest foe Toney Freeman.

Following the digestion of the below interview, I think you may be wise to put your chips into Q.T's field of dreams that will soon to become reality. This is the year that Quincy Taylor's rise will pave out a path in awe of onlookers.

[ ] - What concoction have you mixed up in order to prevent Toney Freeman repeating his win over you at last years Europa Super Show?

    [ QT ] - Toney has too many weaknesses to come close to me this year. I have brought my quad sweep, my upper chest up and lat spread to the standards required to take out the rug from underneath Toney. The judges said that Toney was bigger than me last year; well of course he was bigger because my game plan was to come in as peeled as I could possibly be and it showed.

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Quincy & Toney At The 2006 Europa.
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    Freeman's lower back and glutes were no where near as sharp as mine, I know it, he knows it and everyone else knows it. People also said that he beat me because of his background as a pro, in other words he has been previously over looked which I think is a crock of sh!t.

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Quincy & Toney At The 2006 Europa.
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    I came fifth in my first pro show and I have been overlooked since. I have seen people with only one cut and that's the crack in their @ss get placed above me and others haven't stayed on the prejudging stage because they were vomiting backstage but guess what, they placed above me.

Quincy Taylor's Posing Routine.

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[ BB ] - Has living in Texas been a help or hindrance to your bodybuilding endeavors since you relocated from LA?

    [ QT ] - It's definintely been a help. I moved to a part of Dallas where it is a slow pace of life and there is no traffic, its quiet and the gym is right across the street from my house. It's been nice not having to stress about being caught up in the rat race which can easily get you down and get in the way of the mindset needed to be a successful professional bodybuilder.

[ BB ] - After voluntarily giving up the chance to compete in the 2006 Mr. Olympia even though you had qualified twice, will Quincy Taylor be heading to sin city in 2007?

    [ QT ] - For sure I will. I didn't do it last year because I wanted to do it with a win under my belt. If I went into the Olympia without a win they would probably put me back in the place they did the first time I competed there, 15th out of 15 competitors.

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Quincy Taylor At The 2005 Olympia.
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    To place high at the Olympia it's either to your advantage to be a veteran with a name or a guy with a win in hand. Showing up with a second or third placing in a qualifying show would probably result in my @ss getting handed to me. That's not going to happen this year.

[ BB ] - Will your diet preparation be any different this year or will you follow the same pattern that got you ripped to shreds last year.

    [ QT ] - I will be following the same diet I have followed the past 17 years. For me to get my body fat down are simple steps. I will be ready a couple weeks out and then it will be just a water manipulation to get me dry and peeled for stage presentation.

    I can lose anywhere to 8-10lbs of water to be stage sliced. Over the past year I have been conscious of staying relatively lean and my body fat measured in at an all time lowest of 10% when I was weighing an all time highest of 360 lbs. As I am getting older my body seems to be getting much better at this bodybuilding game.

An Interview With Quincy Taylor! An Interview With Quincy Taylor!
Quincy Taylor exploded on the national scene with his Overall win at the 2001 NPC USA's, and became an IFBB professional bodybuilder.
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[ BB ] - Who do you see as being your biggest competition at this years Europa Super Show?

    [ QT ] - Nobody is going to be. I am so much more confident and physically better than last year there is nobody out there who can take this from me. When everyone sees me walking onto that stage they will know why I am so confident with my prediction.

[ BB ] - So, it is safe to say I can feel assured that I have put my money on the right guy?

    [ QT ] - Your money will be safe if you have bet on me.