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2006 New York Pro Review.

I've put together this review of the 2006 New York Pro so you can get a detailed glimpse of why the top five placed the way they did. Read on for more...

New York has been serving strong for centuries, people from all over this country and the world have made incredible journeys to get here, live here and experience the force of life that is found around every corner. NY is built on an Island of Red Rock, a strong foundation for a soaring city.

The world trade center attacks exposed the islands natural red rock once again reminding us all of the city's indestructible core. As New Yorkers came to realize the resilience to endure was here all along.

Pushing such boundaries were 34 athletes from all corners of the globe who congregated here to expose their own granite stone they had carved over the years of hard workmanship that had been crafted in their chosen habitat.

1. Phil Heath:

    A master of his domain and now the winner of the New York Pro was the undeniable potential Phil Heath. The 26 year old was still riding the high swell he took to wipe out the opposition in Denver last week and once in New York he made sure that he was no wash out to inflict equal destruction to seasoned vets that included the Menace Dennis James.

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    Phil Heath.

    He wasn't quite as crisp as a week prior but at this time he brought a fuller version to the table to out mass others to ensure his sixth victory wave in six shows. It was a close dicing battle between Heath and Darrem Charles made obvious by the judges callouts in the prejudging rounds. What Heath lacks in width he makes up with fresh, dense, full blown and illusional muscle that has the potential to finish highly on the Olympia leader board come September.

2. Darrem Charles:

    Last week Darrem was noticeably surprised of his second place relegation, this week he was shocked. "I don't know what to do to win. I'm 10% better than last week and Phil is about 10% off so why have I been dealt the same cards again" said a highly disappointed Charles backstage.

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    Darrem Charles.

    Hard from the front he was showing his customary sliced feathers throughout his thighs but from the back he was holding enough water to weigh him down and slow his pace. Basically this is where Darrem lost the show. Not knocking Darrem but his lines do not flow as easily as they could either with his slightly blocky waist to shoulder ratio that isn't helped with the ironing board straight up and down thigh sweep he possesses.

3. Dennis James:

    Again a favorite leading into the show with pre show pictures posted to enforce scare tactics, he didn't enforce them when it counted. The Menace was as problematic to the top two as Kenny Jones dueling Melvin Anthony to a posing round stand off.

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    Dennis James.

    Dennis had managed to pull in his waist but his condition was down as was his usually tightly blown muscle bellies. When James shows up like this it takes away the separation distinguishing one outstanding body part from another and I have no doubt in my mind that had he had shown up in shape then he would have out massed the top two to take top honors. Backstage he was without comment displeased at a result that could have easily been much worse.

4. David Henry:

    The little big man was full, tight, ripped and vascular and whatever else you could throw into the mix that would identify David Henry's description when he is ready. Although one of the smaller men on stage, Henry was a favorite on Dorian Yates scorecards who was on the judging panel and awarded him a fitting second place but unfortunately for Henry some of the others didn't quite see it that way.

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    David Henry.

    He has unquestionably brought his back with up to match his front leaving only his hamstrings at noticeable fault but I'm sure he will be focusing on this to bring to the stage and persuade the panels to lean towards him. Boos echoed the auditorium on his placing announcement reinforcing his outstanding appearance on this night.

5. Bill Willmore:

    Apart from the winner of the show 'Kill' Bill was evidently happy at his second consecutive 5th placing in as many pro shows he entered since his nationals win last year. Not only is this an enormous platform to spring board himself into the pro ranks but it also gives him a ticket entry onto the Olympia stage in his rookie year as a pro.

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    Bill Willmore.

    Bill was fuller this week and the muscles he had pushed tighter against his skin gave out a more ripped look that suited him like blood scene in a Tarantino flick. His small waist separated him from others placing behind him and his back was one of the thickest in the show.