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2007 Arnold Review - Memoirs Of Ye Olde Arnold Classic!

I had arranged to meet Dorian Yates at the entrance so I did what most writers and photographers do when arranging a meeting with a bodybuilder, I waited... Here is a hilarious & memorable review from my trip to the 2007 Arnold Classic!

I prefer to look back on the time when I had a crayon removed from my nasal cavity after an altercation with a primary school bully than the flight that I had on the way to Columbus for the 2007 Arnold Classic.

A lengthy delay at LAX began the procedure but a heavily overweight passenger accompanied by a kicking two year old on my left continued my scary thoughts of all three of us in a soundproof room with I wielding a sharp pencil.

Saving the best till last, the pilot announced as we neared our destination that we would have to make a pit stop at an airport as small as my Barbie doll house because we had almost ran out of fuel. "Don't these guys at least have a jerry can in the trunk?" I thought to myself. When I woke up in Columbus the next day I realized it was all a horrible dream and made my way over to the Arnold EXPO.

The Expo

I had arranged to meet a Mr. Dorian Yates at the entrance so I did what most writers and photographers do when arranging a meeting with a bodybuilder, I waited and waited and... A hundred supplement scavengers past by and then came Yates.

I laughed so hard that I discovered a 10 pack on my stomach due to the fact that "The Shadow" had his left arm tied up in a sling and was looking as sorry as Lee Priest begging for forgiveness to Jim Manion.

Lee Priest Quitting PDI, Wants To Return To IFBB

Ron and Issac interviewed controversial Pro Bodybuilder, Lee Priest on the floor of the 2007 Arnold Expo. Apparently, Lee has a little bit of news for us... Take a peek.

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Once inside I set out to find my Kaged Muscle magazines booth before discovering that all the sexiest women in the world had decided to follow me to Columbus for this particular weekend.

Backstage at the women's prejudging I found even sexier women as my Canon lens seemed to lengthen before me. Mary Lado, Valerie Waugaman and Debbie Czempinski were all backstage and have frequently visited me since; unfortunately I keep bumping my head and waking up.

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Mary Lado, Valerie Waugaman & Debbie Czempinski.
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Co-promoter to Arnold and pure gentleman - Jim Lorimer invited me up on his hydraulic crane to take a bird's eye view of the event. "It's bigger than ever before" Jim proudly acknowledged. "Last year we had over 170,000 people through those doors, this year with the introduction of 17 more sports we expect that number to be over 200,000".

As I looked over the top of the isles that riddled the halls, the magnitude of this congregation started to settle in. I had a warm sense of security knowing that most of the bodybuilding fans here are all like one big happy family and this was my annual homecoming.

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The Jam Packed Expo.

When I started to get short tempered, bald and spotty I knew it was time to leave the women's backstage area in a hope to reduce my testosterone levels and get to see some of the other sports on hand. Arm wrestling, power lifting and ultimate fighting were such commodities tasted before leaving for a feed at the local restaurant across the road that was drifted in snow.

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Ultimate Fighting.
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Sneak Peeks

I missed out on the women's finals to write up an article and accompany Dorian to some of the male bodybuilder's hotel rooms for a sneak peek of the ripped bodies. Maybe I should consider rephrasing that last sentence... oh, never mind.

Marcus Haley was getting his last coat of tan before we knocked on the door. He was delighted that Yates had come buy to wish him luck and he happily obliged by hitting some poses for the former Mr. Olympia. After praising Marcus's condition and correcting his back poses we walked down the hall to see the reigning champ - Dexter Jackson.

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Marcus Haley.
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Marcus Haley.

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"The Blade" was chilling out on his lounge with remote control in hand. "What happened to you" asked Dexter referring to Dorian's strapped arm. "Damn you have lost some size since the injury" he repeated before Yates unloaded a barrage of some of his own sarcastic humor.

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Dexter Jackson.
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Dexter Jackson.

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Prejudging & Finals

Once we finished our excursion through the Double Tree hotel we arranged to meet the next day at the men's prejudging where Yates was on the judiciary board.

Backstage bodies were everywhere, some were pumping up, and some were lying down, others looked like they were going to attack me when I got my slice of carrot cake out of my camera bag. I'm not one to take the standard pictures that could be mistaken for hundreds of other photographer's images so I went to find a nice little hidey-hole on the side of the stage.

I passed Bob Chick and Dan Solomon commentating for the web cast as I walked to the depths of restricted areas. On more than one occasion I was told by people in suits, "You can't be there," and "Don't step over the line" as I tried to take pictures from more angles than seen on "Debbie does Dallas".

Men's Pre-Judging Replay

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After prejudging I raced back to my hotel as were most other photographers in a dash to upload the pictures onto our affiliated websites. The callouts towards the end of the prejudging pretty much signified who was going to finish where, at the finals it was confirmed. The "Dominican dominator", Victor Martinez was victorious and received his $130,000 check from Arnold graciously.

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Victor & Arnold.
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Men's Finals Replay

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The night was still young and Karma night club was the place where anybody who was anybody was going to dance as if they were fifteen again and talk to girls only to find that a contagious bout of drunken speech impediment had spread around the area which even yours truly couldn't escape.

If this year is anything to go by, I am booking my hotel for next year next week but next time driving maybe an option if I want to avoid a lengthy prison term sharing bunk beds with a hairy dominatrix called Bernard.

Thank you and until next year, good night