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The Iron Man Can't Tame Eddie 'The Savage' Abbew.

Eddie Abbew descends upon American shores next week with a much harder look and better conditioning than in the past. Will his U.S. competitors be able to match his 270 lb. size and muscle?
Eddie Abbew is crossing the pond from England once again to assault the U.S. patriots on the Iron Man stage. Abbew was unlucky to finish just outside of an Olympia qualifying spot on the European tour last year when he finished fourth place at the Romanian Grand Prix, but solidifying the fact that he is a consistent competitor to contend with.

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"I don't even know who is competing in the Iron Man," said Eddy when I questioned who he thought was his main competition. "I don't focus on who else is competing and where I predict I will place. Things like this can psych a person out and distract the focus to where it should be targeted, on self-improvement".

Improve he has, and he has stated that he will be a larger gentleman with a much harder condition. "In the earlier part of the Eddie Abbew career, I had a few 'ripples in the water' department but through trial and error I have managed to turn the tap off and drain the excess before show time.

Ernie Taylor helped me prior to the European tour last year and, as you can see from my condition, he proved to be a diamond when I was in the rough. We have figured that it takes my body much longer than most to flush out excess sodium so I will now cut it out way earlier than days past," said Eddie.

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"My training has also been chugging away on full steam. One of my younger training partners is real hungry to take himself to the top so that has given me the extra drive to move mountains of weight and to make sure he doesn't come close to taking my place! I have been eating much more carbs than I used to and I have really noticed a fuller physique take charge of my muscles."

Known as "The Savage," Eddie is anything but... His appearance can come across as mean as a pit bull chewing on a Chihuahua, but in reality he is as approachable as a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. The Englishman is probably the only registered nurse in the world that weighs in at a whopping 270 pounds and has arms that stretch the tape at 24 inches!

Eddie Abbew
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270 Lbs. & 24" Arms!

When fats are lowered in a bodybuilder's diet, the mere mortal has to excuse the fact that the brain function is below par of normal capacity. If you have a problem understanding my example, here is one I prepared earlier: "In the later stages of prepping for this show, I have noticed that I have started counting the grains of rice in my bowl. I won't tell you how many I have counted up to but let's just say you are lucky I am telling you this much."

If Eddie gets to over 1000, you will know the brain capacity is at its lowest peak but you can bet his awesome and intimidating physique is at its highest!

At the 2007 Iron Man Pro, the ever-so-humorous Abbew can also catch the unaware American competition with his dry Brit wit if one isn't familiar with its delivery. When I asked Eddie if he could tell something about him that no one else knows, he tauntingly replied, "I'm black."

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Good luck, Eddie, and on behalf of, we appreciate your yearly journey to the U.S. shores!