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Kris Gethin's 4Weeks2Shred: Day 14 - Active Rest

Kris marks the end of week two of his cut with a satisfying but clean meal in a social setting. How will you mark yours?

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I return to one of my favorite spots, Pure Kitchen in Cardiff, for a healthy meal. If you have a place near you that will cook your meals to your specific requirements, then balance your plan with a social life. Follow my tips today on how to order your food when eating out.

Active Rest Day Kris Gethin's 4Weeks2Shred
Watch the video - 3:01

Your cardio is to be done, as usual, twice per day. If possible, wear a heart rate monitor to accurately stay within 70-80 percent of your maximum heart rate.

If time and finances allow, a deep tissue massage once or twice per week can further assist with your recovery process. I also recommend an ice cold shower after your workout to help eliminate the buildup of lactic acid, removal of toxins, and condition the body.

Day 14: Active Rest

AM and PM: Cardio



45 min.
Step Mill Step Mill



300 reps
Twist Twist

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