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Kris Gethin's 4Weeks2 Shred: Day 10 - Active Rest

You can handle an extra 10 minutes of cardio in your day. Your body fat stores can't!

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On this non-training day, as with the rest of your non-training days this week, cardio is increased by 5 minutes to 45 minutes. So, a total of 90 minutes of steady state cardio needs to be completed while making sure that your heart rate is anywhere between 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. I personally wear a heart rate monitor and I also set an alarm to sound should my heart rate go over or under this guide.

Active Rest Day Kris Gethin's 4Weeks2Shred
Watch the video - 2:08

Be sure to drink fluid by supplementing with Hydra-Charge to assist with digestion, electrolyte function and mineral balance, and to fight free-radical damage.

Day 10: Active Rest

AM and PM: Cardio



45 min.
Step Mill Step Mill



300 reps
Twist Twist

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