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Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 7

After a walk or jog, spend some time preparing your food for the week. Your muscles won't come unless your body is fueled properly.

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You don't need to live like a hermit for the next 11 weeks. If you're invited out, go out. You'll just have to learn how to navigate a restaurant menu and make choices that will help you reach your goals.

Today, Kris will guide you through the best ways to enjoy restaurant food while sticking to your nutrition plan. Take his advice and keep your eye on the prize: building a serious amount of lean mass over the next 11 weeks. Every day, meal, and workout counts!

Day 7 active rest
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I woke up sick. I thought I kicked it out of my system when I woke up yesterday morning but after the following crossfit and swim, I slowly began to deteriorate. I cant do anything but to ride it out.

I went for a beach run this morning. We also scheduled the video of me participating in my mobility and manipulation class. I then prepped some food and headed out to meet with one of our Physique Elite trainers - Rich Lovatt - who arrived here only yesterday to train Arjun Kapoor. We caught up in Starbucks before I took him to Suzettes for food. He’s a really cool guy. I like the way he thinks. Although he’s on a different frequency than me, I know we are going to get on very well. Rarely can I say that about a lot of people. He wont bull**** or has hidden agendas. I’m happy that Nick Orton gave him the opportunity to come here – he will be great for India.

At Suzettes, Rich had a DTP Protein Crepe and I had an egg white omlette. My Coach, Ramona, joined us there. The conversations were different and enlightening. I liked it. I began to think more presently bound instead of past and future……where I usually am. Coach has been good at extracting the bad and replacing it with a purpose of my own. We all played some pretty cool mind tricks which were very revealing before I came back here to my apartment to skype with my sister, Ebonie, and to see my niece. Earlier, Ebonie had sent me a video of her taking her first crawl yesterday. Although I have never wanted kids, its crazy how satisfactory these little things are to witness. I hope I am in the UK when she begins to walk. So, when we connected online, Alys cried a lot in front of the camera. I try to put myself in her shoes – seeing my talking decapitated head locked inside a computer screen must have had some shock value. We will skype more often so she can better adjust.

Today I wrote my columns for Men’s Health and TRAIN Magazine. I’m glad I can cross them off my list.

My advance checks arrived for my two books I will publish later this year and early next year. I need to add more Indian recipes and another celeb profile. I have a deadline intact for these by August 17th.

Last month I signed a deal with a Graphic Novel Publisher who is working on a KAGED MUSCLE series with me. The publication house has told me today that I should be receiving 30 pages of sketches to storyboard by the end of next week. This will be new for me but I don’t think too much of a challenge.

On Tuesday I will meet with Jeetu to discuss the pilot and show storyboard I wrote for TV last year. A channel here in India is interested but now I have to quote prices based on equipment requirements and employment over a 6-week period. That’s going to be difficult. I guess I should over budget incase of other costs I haven’t thought of but I don’t want to scare them off either.

I am hoping the boss of Red FM gets back to us soon in regards to my proposal for a fitness show. Our PR told me today that the Red FM boss has been away but he returns next week. I don’t need high trafficked timeslot and I don’t need long. Give me 5 minutes a night at 3am for all I care – I just want the shot. I’m not experienced as a radio host so I don’t expect favors, but Id like the opportunity to learn and grow within this field and create the need.

I wrote a song for the hopeful festival tour next year. Although the band and I want to rehearse and perform my Album – Cheap Sympathy – I feel like I need to write some more material with deeper layers. I am getting influenced by new music, experience, and thoughts all of the time. I should express them. I’ll try to punch out 1 song a week and narrow them down to a tight set list. I like my previous Album but I feel I need something more powerful for live performances with impact. I cant rely on my voice so a presence and charging lyrics will need to be intact.

I like to stay busy and occupied, especially when I am leading a video program like by example. The time spent working is less time spent giving exhaustion a voice and my appetite a home. I’m a big eater with a big appetite. The meal times go quicker and the schedule of food, sleep, workouts and cardio become more systemized. This is my PART MACINE.

Week two of the Daily Muscle Building Trainer begins tomorrow. I need to begin changing my mindset again. A weekend is a long time to leave and then return to the mental magnitude I need for this. This is why I insisted that this program involved 5 days straight of weight training with weekends off. Once in character, it’s easier to maintain and stay in that mental structure. Much like an actor submerging into their character. The very best will often not take on other roles because jumping in an out of characters can jeopardies their artistic perfection. The weekend will eradicate all exhaustion and free radical damage leaving the body and brain fresh and hungry for the next 5 days of urgency.

I have to weigh myself for the camera tomorrow. I think I have put on a lot of weight in this first week, maybe 2-3kg - its been a shock to the system. I have to ignore my body fat and keep aiming for high numbers. I wont put on much more body fat but I cant wait to shave some off. Its all about the muscle now though. The added muscle will help shave it off when it comes time. Ive done this before, now Im going to do it again much better. I will say that I have an unfair advantage of being accountable to everyone and the camera crew. I have fallen short of motivation when getting ready for a photoshoot. This is something else. I havent felt as motivated and machine-like as this for years.

Tomorrow Pain is coming with more force. Leg day is the perfect defining moment to start the week and maintain its ferocity. I have already added the pain it to my guess list with room for more names I plan to take. I’m expecting it. Life will have no idea how to face me once my target has been set. Gods will bleed and the sun will die before I take anything less than my reps and sets for hostage. I will hold them ransom until they give to my demands. This is just another opportunity. I want to imagine earthquakes escaping my warpath for reps while the beliefs in my head applaud my cause for life. My diaphragm breathes as soon as my muscle fibers become asphyxiated by the drowning pours of lactic acid. This is why I do this. It’s my shot at life. 1 hour in here would be a good exchange for the 23 out there. The weights room is the all seeing eye of contrast to life. What I see is what I get. What I feel is what I respect. Tomorrow is just another day to dissect so I can resurrect.

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