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Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 63

You've got another rest day on tap today. Take some time for yourself, knock out your cardio, and get ready for tomorrow's DTP session!

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You may not have the ocean view and nice weather that Gethin has in India, but that doesn't mean you can't spend a little time outside. If you can, try to do some of your cardio outdoors. Fresh air and new scenery is great for you, no matter what time of year.

On active rest days, you can sip your intra-workout supplement all day. BCAAs taste good and will help your body recover and build muscle.

It's not required to get extra piercings during this trainer, but it's definitely not frowned upon. In this video, Gethin enjoys his rest day by getting his septum pierced!

Day 63 Active Rest and Cardio
Watch The Video - 10:38

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