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Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 6

Today is all about recovery. Take it easy, but stay active. If you feel up to it, consider doing a mobility class, spinning, or yoga to assist the repair process.

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Gethin does a mobility class today to keep his joints and muscles supple, healthy, and able to move through a full range of motion. To build maximum mass and get the most from every exercise in the gym, you need your body to function and move optimally. While it's easy to underestimate the importance of active recovery, don't skimp on it.

Sleep is also incredibly important for recovery and growth, so you need to take it seriously. If you have the money, spend a little extra on a good mattress. To promote better sleep, it's also a good idea to make your bedroom as dark and cool as you can.

Most importantly, turn off your television and put your cell phone away before hunkering down for the night.

Day 6 Active Rest
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I want to start this blog off my addressing some of you that read into my content. I have had many messages and comments of concern of my health..hahaha *a laugh you should be concerned about. Seriously, please do not concern yourself. In fact, that is the opposite of what I want to accomplish with this blog. Although I am extremely appreciative for your concern, I am very much okay. For you, my words may seem a little dramatic, and maybe I do dramatize them, but I like to think this way and I like to express myself in the rawest form. I don’t see anything of what I have said that has a value of shock. I have accompanied myself for many years – everyone has normality. I have my mine and I am very comfortable with it. I am sure you have yours too. I am not a fan of sympathy so……..on with the day.

Last night was really nice. My life coach messages me and said she saw yesterdays blog update. I panicked for a second believing I had said something bad. I don’t usually recollect what I have written so I wasn’t sure. She then messages me and asked if I would like to go for a drive into town. We went to Mohammad Ali Road which was pretty cool. There was so much life, lights, smells, activity, hustling, food, praying and indulgence. It was one of the more important nights on the Muslim calendar during Ramadan. Apparently the streets are quite quiet during the day but because everyone enjoys their food in the evening, the activity was amazing. We drove around some lavish areas and some areas that needed a little more maintenance. It’s a shame to see these areas ignored. You can even see that the powers to be even show their discontent by no longer powering the streetlights.

Ramona then took me to a café in town I had been to several times before. The menu had change since my last appearance so I had to get creative with my ordering skills to fit my macro ratios. Because I am a bit of a stickler for schedule, we left so I could get a few hours sleep before rising early for this mornings 7am crossfit session.

The drive back was relaxing. She had a CD stacker full of 80s greats – Duran Duran, U2, Dire straights, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, etc. It was quite weird that we were both singing U2 and Tears for Fears tracks out loud with windows down to the backdrop of crashing waves. It was weird because it was an unexpected scene of serenity, which calmed me and put me to sleep with ease when I walked in through the door.

I felt good this morning knowing I was going to hit out a crossfit session on my rest day. As my physical resilience take a stand, I need to run at it more. I may be getting older but my conditioning, thresholds, scarring, and drive is coming puts up a fight. I have to push harder to build an excuse for evolution.

I was early to the class but Shivoham, my instructor, was there waiting. This was the first time I had swam since I competed in my triathlon a couple of months before but I was confident. My mind has become undaunted. I went straight into a 200m swim, 30 burpees, 50 kettlebell squat thrusts, 450m swim, 30 kettle bell squat thrust, 50 burpees and then another 200m swim. I didn’t time it but I know I had it done between 40 and 50 minutes. I felt good before, I felt amazing after. I think we got some good footage for the viewer following my Daily Muscle Builder series.

We went to Suzettes after to catch up. We hadn’t spoken since BodyPower India 5 months prior exceptvia social media. It was good to listen to Shivoham trips to the US for the Crossfit Games this year and his tour of the Indian temples this month He’s pretty chilled, well travelled and has an good hold on life’s outlook.

I have been enjoying my senses today. My living room window overlooks the ocean. I have been using the cushion Ramona gave me to sit on the floor and appreciate the sight and sound. I have been eating my meals there.

A huge report of my Tissue Mineral Analysis lab test results have come back from the US. It will take me a couple of hours to go through this. It will be interesting what my hair samples tell me on this one. I better get into it. I have to ensure that every test I do for my future supplement line is the best that it can possibly be. This is where it counts. No marketing and ads, but through knowledge, mileage, observation, proof and results.

Following that I need to begin planning. At the end of this transformation I was going to go to the UK immediately but the first Gethin Gym may be launching at this time so I would need to be here. My KAGED MUSCLE supplements will be launching just prior to this so I need to check what in store surrounding this. I need to book the Gary Numan concert tickets for November 28th in London. In December comes the release of the first of two books I have written this year. It may clash with seminars that I have been asked to do in Australia at that time. Mets, the owner of Titan Gyms, is marketing a 12 Week DTP competition in September and wants me in Sydney for December upon its completion. I 'm hoping it doesn't clash with my book launch.

Okay, I wrote this blog out of request of the reader but I think they may all find this extremely boring. When it’s not a training day, my mind is on quite a different level. I rest the immensity of the body and intensities of the brain over these days.

Sorry if I bored y’all. I didn’t have much else to deliver other than what’s real.

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