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Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 59

You get an extra day of recovery today, so take full advantage. Eat well, do some cardio, and if you can, take a nap!

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What you eat on your rest days will be different from what you eat during your training days. The macronutrient ratio you should follow on your active rest days is as follows: 40 percent of your calories should come from protein, 30 percent from carbs, and 30 percent from fats.

You don't need as many carbohydrates for energy output because you're not training as hard today, so you can lower those. Increase your protein level slightly today to aid your recovery. If you're feeling really exhausted, you can even move your macros to 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbs, and 20 percent fat.

Day 59 Active Rest
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Today felt like somewhere I shouldn’t be. It was my first training day off during the week of DTPXtreme. It was out of sorts but its essential now. I have been exhaling fire following the burn of my workout until all I want to do it heal in a bed of ash. I feel my blood die, solidify under my skin and stiffen my brutality and resolve. My veins have been putting past behind me and feeding me into something else. I don’t know why they say that at my age I should be careful and maybe slow down. I am perfectly aware of my condition of evolution. I know that under this age I couldn’t live through this. It has taken me 15 years of relentless brutal hammering of the Iron to build the physical armor I wear. My mental familiarity with the pain has been encapsulated in density and destiny that can only be created though day in and day out carnage. I can’t shut it off. Every year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second I swallow my definition of man. I don’t know anyone under my age that can do this. I don’t know anyone who does. The film crew were at my apartment early this AM to set up for my weekly 8am call with Dr. Meletis. Dr. Meletis has tuned me into the machine I live and breathe today. Because of him I have monthly tests for food allergies, Neuro, Cortisol, Hormone, IGF-1, Advanced GI, Vitamin D, DHEA, etc. He has impacted me with advanced, natural and pure supplements that we have now formulated to place into my KAGED MUSCLE line. I am positive that my products will prove their worth when people take them. I wont market it. I want them to prove themselves. I do the same with myself so why should I treat this any different? I only have to test my N02 levels through a urine test stick 30 minutes after taking my pure pharmaceutical Citrulline to see the difference. The difference will be clear. Following my conference call we took sound bites and then the crew recorded me perform my cardio up and down my apartment stairs. Following that was more filming in the car. I had to answer more media questions about SRK’s supposed “10-Pack” he sports in his new movie. I can’t believe I have to debunk this myth to people. Sometimes its best to have no knowledge of something than some. I have been punching out emails since. Soon I have to meet with my clothing manufacture who is showing me more KAGED MUSCLE samples of women’s and men’s tank-tops I hope to have on sale through my upcoming website in 6 weeks. Following that I have a conference call with my Nutrition by Design business partner in the US. Then it will be the end of the day and all I will think about is tomorrow’s workout while I prepare my supplements, clothes and food. I will remove all the warnings that may come down from the sky and block my vision. I will replace it with violence. I will wash myself in ability, greed, and importance while I wipe myself off of doubt, excuse, and human logic.

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