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Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 51

You've got a heavy draught of legs on tap. Get the most bang for your buck and build your lower body with compound movements!

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Today you're going to be doing compound movements to target you quads and hammies. While isolation exercises are ideal for hitting specific hard-to-target muscles—like choosing the pec deck to over the bench press to really focus on the contraction—compound movements elicit a greater hormonal response. Power movements like these release growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor, and testosterone, which all help you make gains.

Compound movements also bring in a lot of secondary muscles to help you move a heavy load, which activates more muscle fibers. Deadlifts, for example, bring in the erectors, lats, and traps. Today's training session combines deadlifts with squats of all varieties so that, when you leave the gym, your muscles will be screaming for mercy!

Day 51 Legs
Watch The Video - 12:41

Workout Notes

  • When squatting, take a wide stance to target the abductors and erectors on the inside of the knee.
  • For walking lunges, push through the heel of your foot and make sure your knee doesn't go past your toe.
  • Take a narrow stance on the hack squat machine, push through your heels, and push your butt back to target your hamstrings and not your lower back.

Wide Stance Barbell Squat

5 sets of 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 reps
Wide Stance Barbell Squat Wide Stance Barbell Squat


Narrow Stance Squats

5 sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 reps
Narrow Stance Squats Narrow Stance Squats


Hack Squat

5 sets of 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 reps
Hack Squat Hack Squat

Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift

5 sets of 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 reps
Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift


Hack Squat

6 sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 reps
Hack Squat Hack Squat


Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift

6 sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 reps
Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift


Walking Dumbbell Lunges

3 sets of 20 reps per leg
Dumbbell Lunges Dumbbell Lunges



15-minute intervals: 3 minutes easy, 1 minute hard
Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill

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Read Gethin's Blog!

Click here to go inside the mind of Kris Gethin

Today my hand reached down from the sky and flattened the parasites that tried to infest me with their negativity. Humans have been crying their pathetic weakness to me like their world has a stench more toxic than the people I witness dying on the streets. They don’t even have an idea what world lives inside my head. It bleeds shadows that would drape and asphyxiate theirs but I work at it, overcome it and don’t cry about it.

My superiority to overcome is my definitive measure in everything I do. Today during my workout I felt myself dissect the human impairments from my carcass. I striped away deficiency of my flesh and murdered familiarity of vulnerability from within my skull. I bled the reps until they became ashamed of their existence.

People try to impregnate me with their parasites but I recognize their disease, locate it and extract it before it dilutes, spreads and intoxicates me. I can’t allow myself to be like them. I’m too fragile. I would die in their ugliness. I have a purpose to fulfill. I’m always on the defense with “general” interaction and communication so I can always enter the gym on the offence. I need to work harder, smarter, longer, tougher, and intensify logic more than any of these breathing things. I need to live my life too, but they don’t understand. They keep wanting parts of it. They would let me fall apart. Where they **** would they be when I need to pick myself up. Nowhere. Why? Because I never ask to be picked up. This lonely world chose me of my independence. Past that, **** that, I wont be part of the wretched. Now its time to create our own world without loneliness, weakness, guilt, judgement and expectation. This one will be raw and real.

I woke up this morning knowing that I would lay the land in within a workout which no one can walk. I don’t feel anything, that’s why they can’t follow. They think they will. They wont. They have too many feelings. My route runs lacerations that nurture and wrap me into heartbreak. My cries don’t want to be found in here. People try to follow me but their hearts break while their emotions drown in their tears. I wasn’t born into this. I work at it. They let their guards down while I am on watch. My voices keep me awake and attentive to my resolve while they are deaf to application, intensity and consistency. Maybe its my sleep deprivation that keeps me pissed off and angry. I use my anger to its advantage to create my workouts into another world - a planet of pain. It allows me to kick life in the teeth when it tried to bare them at me.

When I was under the sets of weight I imposed on myself today, I was the richest of the land. My wealth for physical torture and torment has a price that can’t be matched. I surrender myself to the discomfort because it replaces my spinal fluid with a backbone. I had pain in my bad knee again today when I was warming up with squats. It didn’t hurt again until I was performing cardio after. I had lost myself all of the human threshold. My knee was obviously damaged but my brain had banished it. Adrenaline filtered through me and I was immersed within myself, bleeding all I hate. I noticed black bruising on two of my fingernails when we were filming the wrap-up. I had obviously crushed my fingers during my workout but my Animal and Machine had hibernated my human feelings. I was chasing and embracing pain. Sometimes its hard these pains are hard to distinguish, because I become pain.

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