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Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building Trainer, Day 35

Tomorrow, your weeklong date with high-intensity training begins. Enjoy a respite today—after you enjoy your cardio, of course!

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Kris lives in a city where the weather can take dramatic and unpredictable turns. Does he let it get in the way of his daily interval cardio? Not bloody likely! In fact, as Gethin says in today's video, he finds running in the rain to be quite refreshing. But remember, this is a guy who also takes a cold shower after every workout!

In today's video, Kris also helps you navigate the complicated world of fats, breaking down what you need to know about saturated, unsaturated, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated, and trans fats. This is one instance where making the right choices can help both the form and function of your body.

You'll need adequate healthy fats at your disposal to get the full effects of this muscle-building program!

Day 35 Active rest and cardio
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The weekend’s sleep only draped me in shadows, never covering me for more than 30 minutes at a time. What the hell is with me? Did I piss someone off in a past life and now they are dancing on my grave at…..****ers. I wish they would get over it and let me be. The deprivation interrogates my thoughts but they animosity that comes from it is a great tank of fuel to fight for my workouts. I know adequate sleep is needed to fully recover, so I can only imagine that the anger, which comes from it, is what allows me to push deeper into darkness until I can only navigate by touch. When I feel pain, I kneel down and feel for more. I’m always down there searching for it by myself.

This morning was all about pain. I spoke with Dorian Yates several times last week. He put together the warpath for the users and I to follow this week. Yates and I have trained many times together over the past 10 years so he knows I am hungry for murder upon any living tissue that resides within me.

I began the workout with leg extensions. Failure was supposed to find me at around 10-12 reps but because the weight stack was too light, I had to find it at 25 and then continue with forced reps and negatives to bury any left living tissue in the quads.

Once I hit leg press, it was apparent that the weights bar and sleds couldn’t take carry enough plates for me. So, my Welsh friend and training partner for this weeks episodes, Lydia Rees, added 62Kgs to the sled by sitting on top of it. It felt a little over-the-top visually but I had no choice. I had blood to bear and I needed an out of body experience to bring more torment to my fibers than they had been conditioned to. They are aware of my torturous methods and are ready in resilience. The weight contorted my bones while my hamstrings and quads cradled each other in comfort hoping not to depart one-another.

The rest of the workout carried the same pattern until my muscles were climaxing in terror. I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror that proved my beliefs and method to my madness was justified. I’m beginning to take up more space in this world, and I am willing to ****ing pay for it.

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