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Kris Gethin's DTP: Motivation

Crush every DTP training session with these 10 essential motivation tips. Hit the gym with vision and focus. Get growing.

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My favorite body part isn't my legs or my biceps. It's my brain. My mind helps me crush every workout, stick to every meal, and follow my supplement plan exactly. It keeps me from cheating. It pushes me to grow. With the right motivation, you can do anything. These 10 tips will help you transform your brain and your body.


Control Your Environment

I am sick of hearing, "I have a harder job, I work longer hours, I don't have time, I don't have the money for a trainer, my genetics are shit, and I have pain when I train." Shut up, already! I have seen taxi drivers, lawyers, mothers of five with 3 jobs, actors who work 16-hour days with no weekends, and builders who have to climb ladders for days accomplish amazing transformations.

Why? Because they wanted it. On the other hand, I have seen others who have easy jobs, all the money in the world, no family commitments, amazing genetics, and access to the best gyms look the same year after year. Why? Because they make excuses day-in, day-out! If you are one of these people, either harden the fuck up or get another pastime.


Do What You Fear

You hate doing legs because you fear the sickness, the dizziness, the trauma on your CNS, and the pain hitting your body like war hammers. You don't like pulling out your Tupperware in public places because you fear ridicule. You may want to steer away from the high repetitions that DTP calls for because you have always been told that high reps lead to muscle loss, or they're suited for people who want to "tone" their physiques. If you want to attain the results that DTP promises, stop giving into your fears. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. In order to change, you need do what you fear and not fear what you do.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. Now it's time to do what you fear and not fear what you do.
"If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. Now it's time to do what you fear and not fear what you do."

Long-Term Motivation

Many people want immediate results. Yes, you can achieve great things with your physique in a very short amount of time if you don't cut corners. Don't think you can have 1-2 dirty cheat meals and let them sit in your belly without a second thought. Don't assume that stopping 1-or-2 reps short of failure will add that extra inch to your arms you've been craving for so long. If cooking food is an inconvenience, don't think you can replace all of your meals by taking in excessive amounts of protein shakes. They won't put you ahead of the game.

If you want a physique worth admiring, you need to invest the time, work and effort. If I have a physique that you want, it's nothing to do with my genetics, my job, my family life, my environment, or the gym where I train. It's because I don't take short cuts. I never miss a meal and I train harder than you. If you are offended or defensive, it's because the truth hurts.


Watch A Motivational Movie

My favorite bodybuilder movies to watch prior to a tough workout are anything by Dorian Yates, Branch Warren, Ronnie Coleman or Johnnie Jackson. Watching these movies prior to my workout while I take my pre-DTP supplement allows me to focus on the immediate task with charged intensity. I also get to detox my mind from daily stresses from emails, text messages, business decisions, team leadership, personal training, problem solving, etc. Give yourself a moment to prepare for DTP, and let everything else fall away.


Set Goals, Achieve Goals

The environment, situation and timing will never be just right to start your DTP muscle-building journey. I've heard every excuse in the book. Don't wait for the end of your school term, or until you have someone to cook from you, or until tomorrow. Start today. Winners make commitments no matter the situation; losers make excuses based on their situation. Which one are you?

Winners make commitments no matter the situation; losers make excuses based on their situation. Which one are you?
"Winners make commitments no matter the situation; losers make excuses based on their situation. Which one are you?"

Visualize, Actualize

Before a workout, I like to visualize the DTP massacre that is about to unfold. I picture myself in the clothes that I will wear, I know the aftershave I'll have on for the following day, I mentally experience the lactic acid build-up, I anticipate the heaviest weight, and I hear the music that will be ringing through my earphones. Try this form of mental and visual ritual before your workout. Once you visualize, you'll be able to actualize the DTP destruction.

Kris Gethin's Favorites

Body Part
My Brain

It hasn't allowed me to miss a meal or unplanned workout for 13 years!

REP Range
DTP Exercise

But my back injuries frequently prevent me from performing them, other than that, leg press.

Warm-up Movie

Tattoo Artists
Tony Adamson

A Mind's Eye Tattoo, USA
Gordon - West Coast Tattoo, UK

Cool-Down Movie

Raise The Stakes

I will always place myself in a mental corner, especially during those high DTP rep ranges. I create mental consequences, like the pain of a loved one, that I know will come true if I don't complete the reps. You can bet I finish every rep of every set. This comes in especially handy if you begin to doubt your strength and ability to endure pain. You may think it's a little sick, but it works great for me. Try adding something along these lines to your workout in order to confront your doubts.


Motivational Music

Personally, I like to listen to Soil, Korn, Slipknot, Skrillex, Jerk, Prodigy, or anything that has a lot of energy. If you can push up your heart rate and increase your endorphin release, it can really turn your attention away from the usual daily grind into a power-packed workout full of energy, focus, clarity and intensity.


Follow Exact, Don't

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that they ate an alternative food source, decided to do extra sets, didn't go to failure, applied carb cycling, did cardio on an empty stomach, performed extra cardio, etc. -- when I hadn't advised anything of the sort -- I would not only be a millionaire, I would've been the proud source of even more and better transformations. If I advise anything specific to the DTP program, it's advised for a reason - because it works! Don't deter, don't meander and don't customize this program.


Social Motivation

I love getting motivated by transformation images, BodySpace, reading about the challenges others overcome, and helping individuals through social sites from around the world. Because I interact with these people daily, I think twice about getting a latte at a coffee shop, popcorn at a cinema, or checking my phone during a workout. I've created a daily reminder of sincerity and accountability with my virtual global training partners.

I have also created something called Physique Elite with another Trainer—Neil Hill—where we qualify other trainers. We are motivated daily by their actions and interaction. Because other trainers look up to us, Neil and I are constantly inspired to work hard, lift heavy and eat clean.

Check out my Facebook fan page and my Viddy account, where I post daily video tips under Kris Gethin. My Twitter and BodySpace are under Kaged Muscle. Be sure to look me up, interact, and hit me with questions or comments!

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