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Kris Gethin 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Week 1: Day 2!

Follow Kris as he takes you and himself through a 12-week transformation. On this second day Kris will lead you through your first chest and triceps workout.

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Blast your chest and triceps with Kris and learn how to get the ultimate mind-muscle connection to fire up your intensity in the gym!

Week 1, Day 2: Chest & Triceps

Chest and Triceps
Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill


Dumbbell Bench Press

3 warm-up sets of 6-10 reps, 3 sets to failure in 6-10 reps
Dumbbell Bench Press Dumbbell Bench Press


Incline Dumbbell Flyes

2 sets to failure in 8-15 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flyes Incline Dumbbell Flyes


Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover

2 sets to failure in 10-12 reps
Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover


Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment

3 sets to failure in 10-12 reps
Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment


Cable Lying Triceps Extension

3 sets to failure in 10-12 reps
Cable Lying Triceps Extension Cable Lying Triceps Extension


Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

3 sets to failure in 10-12 reps
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Jogging-Treadmill Jogging-Treadmill

Tips For This Workout Day

  • Before you ever set foot in the gym start preparing yourself mentally. Try watching a training DVD for instance.
  • To help prevent injury or to support a previously injured joint use wrist straps and elbow straps.
  • If you have pre-existing injuries work your way up to heavier weights slowly.
  • In later exercises you won't necessarily need a warm-up set, but your first set should be performed with a lighter weight.
  • You may hear the Lying Cable Extensions referred to as Skullcrushers or Head Smackers.
  • When performing your cardio, do it at a moderate pace where you'll be able to carry on a conversation.
  • Change your cardio often to prevent boredom and to shock your body.

Pre & Post-Workout Supplements