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Continuing Evolution Of Humanity.

For many years metaphysical writers have predicted a transition for humanity to another level of consciousness; that human evolution of thought takes another leap forward.

For many years metaphysical writers have predicted a transition for humanity to another level of consciousness; that human evolution of thought takes another leap forward.

Can You Change Your DNA?

Gregg Braden, (author of "Awakening To Point Zero" and "Walking Between The Worlds") wrote in his books about the DNA research done with children HIV positive at birth. "We are changing the DNA inside our bodies during the same generation where we are seeing changes in the outer world as well."

If we define "human" the way we always have, since we discovered the genetic codes in the 1950s, we define ourselves as combinations of amino acids and genes and chromosomes, etc. There is a new species of human being birth in our communities; they look the same on the outside, however the DNA is changed on the inside.

Where researchers first began to see this was in global blood studies in 1995/96 and in short, researchers discovered in response to life's challenges, such as illness, emotional trauma and life threatening conditions, changes people's belief system and the DNA inside their bodies mirrored that change.

We know that for every thought, feeling and emotion that we create, there is a chemistry pattern in our bodies that reflects this thoughts, feelings and emotions. So if your thoughts are loving and happy your DNA mirrors the joy and happiness. In case of HIV children, not knowing of the virus and having an emotional stable happy environment the DNA reflected the happiness and changed its expression of the immune system. For the first time in research at the Heart-Math Institute of California digitally measured thoughts, feelings and emotions and found they have a direct linear effect on the quality of the DNA and the human immune system.

Another way to describe this is through the 64 codons that are possible in the DNA but only 20 of these are presently being used. Some scientists believe that these HIV children could possibly be using 24 codons. The children simply lived the life, the innocence and joy of being a child and the belief system present had no place for the HIV virus. Over a few years the body responded and the DNA mirrors the joy of the child and the virus had no place for expression.

The child simply transcended what the virus meant. By the time the child goes to pre-school, about 4-years old, the tests for the virus was negative and was completely gone from the child's body. What this means is that we have the power simply changing the way we think, feel and our emotions, by changing this we are changing the DNA.

It is interesting that we found this by the way of children born with AIDS. Biblical text tells us that the children shall not pay for the sins of the parents (Moses). The HIV children were found to be 3,000 times more resistant to the virus and to other cancer viruses, to the point where they didn't mean anything to the body.

From AIDS is triggered the first DNA change that will eventually spread throughout the world and could possibly end all disease in Mankind.

While the DNA is changing from inside our body, we're also noticing changes from the outside environment that affect our DNA. Since the 60s with Otto Von Hesse, the astronomer and physicist, discovering photon energy, then in the 1980's NASA reported an increase of photon energy coming from the Sun.

In 1989 we had seen our Sun go through unprecedented cycle of activity with solar flares. Since the late 1980's to now we have seen our Sun go through and continue to go through unprecedented cycle of activity with solar flares, X-ray bursts and plasma tongues (as what they are called), that move across space toward the Earth.

One of the units that are used to measure this is called a PFU, Photon Flux Unit. We have seen photon flux units soar into readings that go off the scale. Where there used to be a reading of about 3,000 PFUs, we now see 43,000 PFUs. Solar ejections carry photon energy to the Earth and we have recently experienced a much greater amount of photon energy (light particles).

Everything has a frequency and the highest frequency is light. Photon energy is energized light particles that have a direct effect on our emotional balance, through the pineal gland and endocrine system. Researchers have found in the last 18 years that the human DNA structure becomes altered when a current of light passes through it. Photon energy is just that light that can alter the DNA.

Emotional bingeing: is moving rapidly from one extreme to another, from deep depression to sensations of joy. In the past 18 years depression has been a global mental health epidemic, just in the last 18 years we have over 63 million antidepressant drug users, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and Librium. Alcohol also contributes to depression and seems to be on the rise.

The Universe is sending extra photon energy as part of the planetary consciousness and has a deep penetrating on our DNA and seems to be part of the planet's cleansing process. Spiritualism is on the rise; we see more healers, shamans, prophets, Reiki practitioners, visionaries, herbologysts, massage and acupuncture working with energy fields, aura readers and a general rise in holistic natural medicine, including the Melchizedek consciousness and a reawakening of the Essene consciousness of 6,000 or more years ago. The lightworkers come in many forms, from many cultures with many educational backgrounds.

Social implications are many. To quickly summarize is the photon energy from the center of the universe that creates an environment for the human to become more conscious of its own DNA. The extra energy of light (photon) again gives us the truth about ourselves. This could be the second Pentecost. Christ's ascension spread the Spirit of Truth throughout the world including our DNA. Now we see another light formula from God creating a new DNA consciousness. DNA healing does work. Meditation is the way to absorb that light.

Special Note: For you scientists who are a little skeptical of auras, we can use the term "omnilateral cosmic radiation that has a localized feedback loop."