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A Challenging View Point!

The message for the millennium is self responsibility. Health is literally a product of balance, a mental, a physical and a spiritual. The mind must be stimulated, the body nurtured and the spirit enlightened.

The message for the millennium is self responsibility.

Health is literally a product of balance, a mental, a physical and a spiritual. The mind must be stimulated, the body nurtured and the spirit enlightened. Life is showing you who you are and what you are thinking. Life is the mirror for you to see you.

Think About It

Dairy, Meat and wheat products has been the life blood of the American economic system, however they also have a death hold on the General Public. Do not forget when you read this remember the one third obese, the two thirds over weight, and the second largest industry is pharmaceuticals. All this in the last 50 years - The American Public.

The dairy industry has grown like an octopus. Miseducation, marketing, commercialism and consumerism have caused the majority of the people to use pasteurized cow's milk. They have convinced us to believe that milk is a complete food for humans of all ages from cradle to grave. Without bringing forth any preconceived ideas or notions on the subject, let us consider milk, what it is and what it does.

Milk is intended by nature to grow the bone structure of the particular animal from which it comes. The chemical constituents of mother's milk are intended to nourish the child for a certain length of time; so that its bone structure will develop eventually to what will be needed for a mature individual whose weight will be aprox. 115-to-175-pound average Human.

Cow's milk on the other hand contains 300% more casein (main protein molecule of milk) and is intended to grow a calf to a maturity of about 3/4 of a ton.

The analogy is obvious, the great excess of casein in cow's milk is digested and assimilated constructively by a calf. The large amount of casein in cow's milk, is however not digested nor assimilated constructively in the Human body. The extra protein hides in the blood and the arteries as fat also dairy products create excessive mucus in the body.

Cliff Sheats and Maggie Greedwood wrote the National best seller Lean Bodies. The introduction was written by Bob Lanier M.D., host of TV.'s 60-second house call. Also clinical nutritionist Luke Bucci Ph.D. is considered the cutting edge professional, and his work in performance nutrition is worldly recognized. Other professionals involved in compiling the research, The American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition consists of C.T. Smith Ph.D., Lucía Dubose Ph.D., and J.A. Gilbertson Ph.D.

Here is what these heavy weights in nutrition have to say: "Dairy products are another group of foods that are restricted on the Lean Body's Program. Calcium can be arrived from the kale, turnips green, collards green, broccoli and other leafy green vegetables. Dairy products contain milk sugar lactose, which is readily converted to body fat. Other dairy products such as cheese, whole milk, cream are high in fat, which is easily converted to body fat. To sum up, simple sugars easily converted to body fat must be avoided." Another good book is Food and You, Paul A. Hogarth, a Canadian nutritionist.

"Dairy products are the major contributor to causing problems such as allergies, asthma, sinus problems and headaches; all dairy products are hard for your body to break down, and create excessive mucus. True scientific studies show that people who consume the most dairy products suffer the most from arthritis, sinus and allergies. Your body receives its necessary calcium from your grains, nuts, vegetables, beans and fruits. Nuts contain more calcium than any other food source. The calcium and nutrients contained in dairy products are true, they do contain those essential nutrients that you see advertised on TV The problem is, that they are designed to feed and nourish a baby cow. Just like Human mother's milk is designed to nourish a baby Human."

In 1947 Dr. Norman Walker M.D. Ph.D. said, "Even a cow will not drink its mother's milk once it are weaned from its mother, and no longer needs milk to survive properly. After all, where do you think a cow gets all of its calcium from, in order to make so much calcium in its milk?! The cow gets the calcium from what it eats all day long GRASS!

And yet another ... Dr. Spock revised book advertised on CNN television. I thought it incredible that Dr. Spock said don't feed the children dairy or meat products. Here is a man who focused 50 years on the health and well being of babies and children. I don't always agree with Dr. Spock, however in this case all the research points in the same direction. Remember anyone who is focused on one particular subject for 50 years is going to have more awareness and knowledge than those of us who haven't. Such dedication is rarely found in our society today. Dr. Spock knew that the future is in the children and the children's future is in their daily living habits.

Every creative Act involves ... A new innocence of perception, liberated from the cataract of accepted belief. Arthur Koestler.

A powerful, healthy body, can if given half the chance, maintain itself in happiness. It will, through its own intuition, choose that which is good for itself to maintain consistent true health. Intelligence of the body and the body of Intelligence.

Personal Comment

Those who control education and the Media controls the masses (Society). History is a good teacher if you bother to look. World War II Hitler's first act after marching into Vienna, he closed the University of Vienna. The next year Hitler marched on Paris and also closed the University of Paris. He stopped the sharing of knowledge, another form of control.

The same doctors that pushed the dairy products and meat products are the same group of intelligence that educated and created a society of one third obese and two thirds over weight. The same professionals created the second largest industry: pharmaceuticals. Open your eyes and see that control techniques are everywhere. They decide what you watch (on TV and movies), they decide what is available for you to eat, and they also fund our schools, universities and other educational institutions, the most common form of control. I say to you eat meat, milk, cheese and all the wheat products that you can and then I'll know that I can count on you to be part of the sick, confused and depressed. WELCOME HOME. "Think about it."

The 3 duties of a Physician are:

  1. First the preservation of health,
  2. Second the cure of disease, and
  3. Third the prolongation of life...

the Third part of medicine, regarding the prolongation of life, is a new part and deficient, although the most noble of all".

Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

"In search of wealth, we destroy our health. The Buddha.
In search of health, I found my wealth. The Peter."