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From The Cradle To The Grave: A Look At The Human Mind!

We realized that the mind has the ability to advise the body and that many bodily functions are actually signals from the brain, which is the life support system for the mind. We also learn that thoughts are subtle forms of energy.

We realized that the mind has the ability to advise the body and that many bodily functions are actually signals from the brain, which is the life support system for the mind. We also learn that thoughts are subtle forms of energy. And that everything that is manmade came originally from a thought.

Can You See Thoughts?

Now consider for a moment the material world around us, including our bodies. What is the cause of all that we see? Contemplate who it is that observes and notices all the things around us. Who is that invisible I inside our bodies?

If we examine ourselves and out of this state of investigation we look at, what is most important in our life - Trust, Honesty, Peace, Freedom, Loyalty, Respect, Confidence, Courage, and Humbleness. To most of us all of this is very important, yet very invisible or unseen. Even love goes unseen unless followed by action. So what is really important to some of us, are the invisible, unseen, immaterial, no-things in life; and many times in our lives these no-things become more important than our some-things.

This is the beginning of our understanding of spirit. The spirit has a thought, which created the mind; the mind has thoughts, which created the body. The spirit is the foundation, this unseen world is the source of all that is visible.

Let's observe ourselves scientifically and we will discover that we are not our own creation. Let's go back to conception, as one drop of human protoplasm, colliding with another, resulting in the form of an embryo and then there you evolved. If you turn up the magnification in the microscope and look further into those human protoplasm you'll find atoms, electrons, sub-atomic particles; then further magnification you'll find vibrating waves that come and go, these waves are mostly unseen. The source of all is therefore no-thing since it is not in the dimension of the measurable.

Your own creative abilities originate in the unseen mind. In the unseen world of waves and energy called thoughts. So what has all this to do with health?

Many of us try to exercise daily, join a gym, start jogging and attend aerobic classes. And some of us actually try to eat properly and try to stay away from abusive habits. However, it seems that with the majority of us, the gym and the good nutrition is short lived. In my experience, 90 percent of the people never make it to the eighth week. Some four percent last up to six months, make wonderful changes, but then go back to poor habits and non-attendance when it comes to exercise.

Without the involvement of spirit, consistent exercise, correct nutrition and positive thinking is very short-lived. Very few have inspiration (in the spirit). Spirit gives you strength when your mind and body gives up. Spirit is what separates the genius from the ordinary. Spirit is what creates champions.

No need to look up - look within, it's right there, invisible and unseen.


Biologically we are not physically attached to clocks and calendars, which are inventions of the mind. The body has its own timepiece. Beginning a new exercise program involves discomfort; losing weight involves discomfort, quitting any bad habit involves discomfort. Things always get a little worse before they get better. To create permanent, or at least on the way to permanent change, the body and the mind connection takes approximately eight weeks. To change a bad habit or to create a new habit, it takes eight weeks. Smokers and people on medication take 12 weeks to make a change.

"To change a bad habit or to create a new
habit, it takes eight weeks."

My experience is that most people give up between the fifth and the sixth week. Patience with yourself, present moment awareness, so you can enjoy the process of change. Even if you abused your body and had no exercise for 25 years in only eight weeks you will notice a progressive consistent change for the better. Nature wants man to live a life of simplicity. It is man who makes life complicated. The inside of your body has taken abuse for many years, it is a miraculous feat how we can treat our bodies so poorly and yet continue to function ...

What Happens Within Your Body Every Day

Your body is made of 60 trillion cells, or 60,000 billion. Think of this number. Each one of these cells carries out the necessary work required to sustain life. Each cell uses up and regenerates oxygen. Each cell has it's own climate control, producing moisture; it has it's own farm of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, glucose and fat.

Each cell has it's own power and waste recycling plant. Each and every day 800 billion of your body's cells dies and 800 billion are created to replace them. Imagine, that's 9 million every second. Your body contains 160,000 kilometers of blood vessels (veins). This distance is equivalent to traveling around the entire earth four times or half way to the moon.

Every day your heart beats 100,000 times. Each time pushing new and re-oxygenated blood through each and every centimeter of your blood vessels, then back again to your heart, every day. That's one entire trip every seventeen seconds. Your heart requires only 20 pumps to complete one entire trip. Your heart continues this work every second of every day for some 70-plus years, or the rest of your life.

Along with that, each heart beat inserts the correct amount of oxygen into every one of those 60 trillion cells within your blood, along with disposing of waste contained within them. Along with oxygen, food, energy and essential nutrients are deposited into each cell, which is then again transported throughout the body. All this work in one 160,000-kilometer round trip in only 17 seconds.

Now imagine how much harder this work would be for your heart if you didn't exercise; high cholesterol and fat clog arteries. With all this going in your body maintains a temperature of 98.6 degrees.

What about when you cut yourself? Of course, your body naturally heals the wound, but can you imagine how much work it is to repair this? How does your body know how to do all of this work? Your brain carries out all of these functions, most of which you are never aware. Nobody ever teaches it how to do this work. Yet from the first miraculous day of conception your brain is able to carry our every one of these infinite number of operations, with pinpoint accuracy that cannot be altered, otherwise you would die.

It would take the world's fastest computers hundreds of years just to be able to scan what our own eyes see in one day. This miraculous body of yours, with all of its wonders, is able to go off and produce another human being from scratch. It builds a new miracle cell by cell. Once completed, this new life is sent out into the world with all of the necessary instructions to make itself grow and build into an adult. Once you become intimate with this knowledge you may experience divinity within.