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Will Power: The Master Key To The Future.

Of all human qualities, Will has the most important role in life. 99 percent of all humans are unhappy because they lack will power. I would like to explain a little about will power and how thoughts and feelings are so important ...
7000 years ago, Zoroaster wrote in the Avesta, "If Man obeys divine commands, he shall live forever." Imagine having the will to live a long, healthy life. The education of the 'Will' is the basis of 'Harmony.'

Who Was Zoroaster?
An ancient Iranian prophet, and the founder of Zoroastrianism. Check out Wikipedia for details.

Of all human qualities, the 'Will' has the most important role in life. 99 percent of all humans are unhappy because they lack will power. We can conquer this weakness - nothing is impossible. The practical application of 'Will' is the most important part, and anyone can acquire will power by training.

If we analyze Will, we find three factors:

  1. Thought
  2. Feeling
  3. Action

All psychological activity is incorporated in these three; the most important of them being 'Action,' because it is so vital. When we do something, there is always a feeling at the back of it (feedback), so the action is the result of feeling, and not of thought.

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We, therefore, must create 'Feelings' to get right actions. Very few are the masters of their feelings; more are masters of their thoughts. Most can think what we wish, but most cannot feel what we wish. There is the possibility of creating a dynamic relation between thoughts and feelings, so the key to the problem is to connect our thoughts with our feelings in such a way that our feelings will create the action that we desire.

Let's open this up and look at it in more detail ...

Delving Deeper

If we look around, there are many people with knowledge and good thoughts, but they do not use them rightly. Thoughts alone are not sufficient. We know that by sobriety one can obtain health. We know that by work we can achieve, but nevertheless many individuals are lazy. Knowledge of the truth is not a realization of the truth.

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Power of feelings: We can see where thoughts alone do not create action. Feelings always creates action. Most people know what to do; they just don't feel like doing it.

Where knowledge of the rules of health do not make right living - pain and fear of death can bring out right living; a feeling of jealousy or rivalry can produce tremendous activity, where knowledge of the achievement of effort cannot produce great activity.

The Will

What is the psychological mechanism which makes us capable of dominating our feelings by our thoughts, and so creating the action which we wish to create? It is the practical process of the 'Will.' To make the problem easier, compare 'Man' with the automobile. 'Thought' is the steering wheel; 'Feelings' is the motor; 'Action' is the wheels. So, to arrive at one's goal, one needs the collaboration of all three.

Of all three, 'Thought' is the youngest and weakest. 'Feelings' have a history of several thousands of years of activity. Intelligence in self-refection is the exclusive property of Homo Sapiens. Thoughts and intelligence are the youngest, while feelings are much older by generations, that is why feelings are stronger than thoughts.

We inherit thought through hundreds of generations, but we inherit 'Feelings' through thousands of generations, thus 'Actions' are governed by feelings and not by thought. (Example: Middle-east violence). The laws of evolution tell us that the power of thought is growing, as of now feelings are stronger than thought. (Example: immigration demonstrations).

Continuing Evolution Of Humanity Continuing Evolution Of Humanity.
For many years metaphysical writers have predicted a transition for humanity to another level of consciousness; that human evolution of thought takes another leap forward.
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Throughout our recent evolution, the progressive development of thought rivals the blind forces of instinct. Instinct is being diluted, while conscious intelligent forces are growing (we hope). Intellectual forces are becoming dominant over sentimental forces. Instincts of a cave man, and thoughts of going to Mars: we are between the past and the future.

All forms of violence and social tyranny are based on irrational and unbalanced instincts. In themselves, instincts are neither good nor bad, their value depends solely upon their quality; if the feeling and emotions are the sources of energy and harmony for us, they have a great value, but if they are a source of violence and disharmony, they become dangerous.

We must analyze and look for the 'Thoughts' and 'Feelings' which inspire good creative actions. When we have done a good deed (Action), look inside and find what thoughts and feelings prompted that deed. Carefully examine your thoughts and feelings leading up to the action, good or bad. Remember, we can think the thoughts we wish, but we cannot always provoke the feelings we wish.

Knowledge of psychological laws gives us new power - the association of ideas, sentiments and time; these three make for a powerful force. If our thoughts remain abstract, they rarely provoke feelings. One must color and vitalize one's thoughts.


We must strive not to reason and think abstractly - only by employing imagination can our thoughts become images. Einstein said, "Imagination is greater than intelligence." The Art of Imagery has been practiced by the East for thousands of years, and by the American Indians also.

Thoughts and ideas are sterile without creative imagination. We must imagine concrete forms of beauty, melody or art. When we think of the word "will," think of forms of force, like Niagara Falls, "the Last Judgement" of Michelangelo, or his powerful statue of the seated Moses.

Sly Stallone The Sylvester Stallone theme song from "Rocky," or Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" - the theme song of inspiration in the 2000 Olympics.

Arnold, the governor, to intensify his training, his favorite imagery was the thunder and lightening of Thor, the Viking God. 10 years or so later he does "Conan the Barbarian." Truly a dream come true. This would provoke strong feeling and greater intensity in training.

Will is not a momentary process, but a long and continuous one. Thoughts give direction to feelings, but feelings give force to thoughts. In knowing the method, training alone can realize it. Nothing great was ever created in a second; all great things are created over time.

The masterpieces are results of daily efforts covering a long period of years. It is a mistake to suppose that to do something momentarily is 'Will,' for will is a succession of daily persevering efforts during a period of years.

We must distinguish acts of Will which are manifested in a series of daily efforts, from pseudo-will, which is the mask of 'Will' and is capable of making great effort for a time but is incapable of making daily efforts over a long period. Example: all works of Human culture are the results of permanent effort. Two or three hours of daily intellectual work is capable of creating in a dozen years, thousands of volumes (books).

For the acquisition of 'Will,' we must reinforce all feelings which gives us strength and energy, avoiding feelings which deplete our strength and exhaust our energy. By psychological processes and with time, we may arrive at a perfected state in which our superior feelings create a vast source of energy and we can bring about a progressive elimination of inferior feelings, which cause weakness and lack of balance in ourselves. We can create good character in ourselves by effort and with time.

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Lack of 'Will' is a disease of our time. Will is too often confused with superficial agitation and noise. We see many people who are active, even hyper-active; they busy themselves with many trivial things, but accomplish little. We really desire to do many things, but we goe here and there, doing little in one place, a little another place, not completing any one action.

We lack intensive energy and concentration. Only concentrated efforts can achieve. Laziness is a periodic incapacity for work. It is humiliating and deplorable. Idle and lazy people are usually unhappy. Work well done is a source of energy and of satisfaction.

Idle people become sensitive to small inconveniences and discomforts in daily living, and series of trivial things worry them. They find many disagreeable and imagined obstacles. For one who is active and busy, these small things do not exist.

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A passive life is a short life and gives a sense of slavery, victim consciousness. Looking back at an inactive life, we find the hours and days passed by rapidly and the feeling of uselessness (slavery) leads with force and speed towards death.

On the other hand, if we fill our lives with superior activities, our lives will be long and give a sense of accomplishment and harmony. Life is a framework and its value depends on what we put in it.

Disease is one of the greatest enemies of 'Will.' When we have nervous or muscular pain, it paralyzes the will. But if we are in a state of dynamic force (power), the 'Will' obeys the commands given it. Health is the greatest friend of 'Will.' Health is rare and belongs to only a small group of humans, namely those who posses will power.

Every great value of human culture is created by the 'Will;' man is governed by true values of the past, and leaves only true value of the future. True values are created by the aristocracy of 'Will;' these alone will remain and create future values.

Will is the master key to the future!

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This article has been inspired by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Although I have never had the opportunity to meet in person, Edmond has always been a source of profound knowledge.