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Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying!

This article is more personal to me because I believe that bodybuilding, weight training is a holistic approach to life and since we can not separate ourselves from our environment, it is important to know outside influences that have internal responses.

Summer is on the way, and the heat is on already. Record temperatures, triple digits in April. Solar activity is very high. This summer will be intense.

This article is more personal to me because I believe that bodybuilding, weight training is a holistic approach to life and since we can not separate ourselves from our environment, it is important to know outside influences that have internal responses.

My Attraction To The Sun

Bodybuilding, weight training, is my chosen lifestyle, sun worshiper is who I am. I came from the cold of Austria, moved to the cold of Canada, only until I went on my own. At 17 years old, visited Hawaii and lived and worked on Oahu for 18 years. The predator movie in Puerto Vallarta, another Sunny spot on the tropic of cancer straight line from Hawaii. Ten years in P.V., and another ten years in Cancun, again on the tropic of cancer, Sun everywhere. (Shown with Arnold on set)

Total of 38 years, in the sun daily. Now 55 years old, I haven't lost my attraction to the Sun, but because of the latest developments and solar changes, I have greater respect and understanding. I feel a need to share this information, please give yourself the patience to read and think.

There are a few conditions that are common to everyone no matter who we think we are or our earthly location, or our economic status, religion or genetic belief system, as all these are somewhat subjective, and can be changed, shaped and controlled. There are some things that are beyond human control and can only be observed.

Sunlight, that we take for granted, is one of those conditions we live under or with. Solar activities, needs new explanations, here are but a few.

The Sun spins on its axis, causing the equator to revolve once every 26 days (28 days when observed from the moving Earth), while more slowly moving polar regions take 37 days to complete one revolution (40.5 days when observed from the moving earth). The resulting turbulence showers the distant earth with charged particles.

These particles were first detected by the Mariner II spacecraft in 1962 and given the collective name of "the solar wind". This Solar wind is sometimes the size of the earth, travels 17,000 miles an hour ripping through our solar system. This increasingly intense process shakes our magnetic field which in turn has a direct effect on the human endocrine system.

Endocrine system affects your hormone levels and composition, whether it's your natural testosterone or synthetic agents, you will be affected. Hang in here with me!

Mother Earth Passes On Her Wisdom

The bristlecone pine tree, from the west coast of North America, lives up to 4,000 years. Its tree rings contains information of past climate and solar activity, since it was planted (by Mother earth). Very old pines, which have long since turned to coal, provide records going back 8,000 years or so. Researcher John Eddy collected geophysical data on the bristlecone pine which showed variations in the sunspot cycle going back 5,000 years. If the solar hormone theory is correct, the fertility on earth should vary with the level of solar activity throughout history.

In the 1920's Tschhizhevsky discovered and proved that deep and various connections exist between solar activity and various life processes. Using vast historical and statistical material he showed that Solar activity acts as an accelerator and moderator upon the whole biosphere, which manifests in the frequency and quantity of: births, deaths, harvests, epidemics, heart attacks, emergencies, bank crashes, catastrophes, suicides, populations growths and decreases, etc. etc.

Ildmar Mingazov, found, in studying the disease distribution and frequency of different types of diseases in various regions, that the intensity of disease frequency in correlation with Solar activity varies between regions, and is maximal for helio-sensitive zones (example, cardiovascular diseases).

In 1971, Nature magazine published the research of R.E. Hope-Simpson, which showed that sunspot cycles correlate with influenza pandemics associated with antigenic shifts (any substance that can stimulate the production of antibodies) in the virus; the virus mutated to a different variety with each successive sunspot cycle, showing that the sun's radiation can disrupt replication of a virus.

Professor Robin Murray of the London Institute of Psychiatry, his research showed that there was an 88 percent increase in the number of babies, who later developed schizophrenia, born in England in the spring of 1958 following the massive influenza pandemic (sun spot maximum) of 1957.

The correlation is conclusive from 1939 to now. Hope-Simpson shows a link between sunspots and viruses, and Murray shows a link between viruses and schizophrenia. It is clear that the radiation from the sun is causing variations in hormones. This new and different magnetic field processes disrupt hormone levels throughout the endocrine system and creates a biochemical response.

Russian historian A. L. Chizhevsky collected data from 72 countries from 600 BC onwards, comparing occurrences of wars and social unrest correlating to sunspot cycles, he found many significant similarities showing the sun influenced behavior of populations, leading to revolutions and social upheaval.

In the last 3 weeks solar activity has been very high and if you follow the news, so has the violence increased, catastrophes (train crash in North Korea), increasing violence in Iraq, Palestinian-Israel conflict, and don't forget more violence in West Sudan, Africa, and Indonesia. Tornadoes, flooding, Southern California heat wave is happening right now and so is the increase in solar activity.

Dr. N. Romensky, recorded a 10 fold increase in heart attacks on one particularly high sun spot day and a study by Maelin/Srivastava (1979) examine records of 5000 heart attack victims admitted to 2 hospitals from 1967 to 1972 and compared them to the Earth's magnetic index and the results were astounding.

Ross Aidey's experiments (1983) established that the sun affects the manufacture of the timing hormone melatonin.

Scientific evidence shows that human females placed underground, shielded from the sun's radiation, will stop menstruating and their biological clocks will malfunction. Females radiate hormones as a natural bodily emission. These radiated emissions, if stronger than the sun's emissions, will cause females in close proximity to synchronize menstruation for as long as the interference continues.

Anything that affects the biorhythm or the metabolic rate will cause variation in duration of cycle. Solar radiation play a crucial role in the procreation of humans on Earth, the implications are far reaching.

Electromagnetic radiation (the sun) impinges on the pineal gland directly, affecting the amount of hormone production. This sometimes leads to insufficient progesterone production during pregnancy, resulting in spontaneous miscarriage of the fetus.

Janis Harker, biologist, founder of Harker's biological clock, claims that cancer is connected to the de-synchronization of the body with its internal biological clock. She describes a relationship between the solar clock (biorhythmic signal) and the biological system clock. The internal biological clock is disturbed with the introduction of a carcinogen into the system. No stop signal is sent to the cell division mechanism, cells divide and multiply uncontrollably, hence, cancer.

Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer since 1994. Today, more than 77 percent of skin cancer deaths stem from melanoma; every hour someone dies from it. This year, 95,880 new cases are expected, a 4 percent increase over 2003, according to the American Cancer Society.

Schools in South Africa and Australia mandate that students must be protected before going outside. The good news is that melanoma is preventable, early detection almost 100 percent curable.

The earth and the solar system at large are undergoing tremendous, unprecedented changes, which includes the following ever-increasing trends:

  • A 410-percent increase in the overall number of natural catastrophes on Earth between 1963 and 1993 (Dmitriev 1997)

  • A 400-percent increase in the number of quakes on Earth (over 2.5 on the Richter scale) since 1973 (Mandeville 1998)

  • A 500-percent increase in Earth's volcanic activity between 1875 and 1993 (Mandeville 2000)

  • 9 out of the 21 most severe earthquakes from 856-1999 AD occurred in the 20th century (Russian National Earthquake Information Center, 1999)

  • A 230-percent increase in the strength of the Sun's magnetic field since 1901 (Lockwood, 1998)

  • A 300-percent increase in the amount of "severe" solar activity than what was formally predicted for the year 1997 alone (NASA 1998)

  • 400-percent or higher increases in the speed that solar particle emissions are capable of traveling through the energy of interplanetary space (NASA 1997-2001)

  • Recent magnetic pole shifts of Uranus and Neptune, as Voyager 2 observed their magnetic axes being significantly offset from their rotational axes (Dmitriev 1997)

  • Visible brightness increases now being detected on Saturn (Dmitriev 1997)

  • 200-percent increase in the intensity of Jupiter's magnetic field from 1992-97 (Dmitriev 1997)

  • 200-percent increase in the known density of Mars' atmosphere encountered by the Mars Surveyor satellite in 1997 (NASA 1997)

  • Significant melting of Martian polar icecaps in just one year, clearly seen in satellite photography (NASA 2001)

  • Significant physical, chemical and optical changes on Venus, including a sharp decrease in sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere and increasing brightness (Dmitriev 1997)

If we remember that the Sun contains 99.86% of the mass in the Solar System, then we can easily see that it has the strongest thermal, gravitational and electromagnetic influence.

What Is Causing Our Sun To Experience These Remarkable Changes?

These significant energetic changes in the Sun are then radiated outwardly via the "Solar Wind," dramatically increasing the charge and permeability of interplanetary space, causing charged particles to travel more quickly much like a droplet of water dashes around on a sizzling hot pan.

The electromagnetic fields of the planets then absorb this increased energy flux, producing anomalous changes including internal heating, increases in earthquakes, volcanism and other natural catastrophes, and even a possible magnetic pole shift.

Though Western science is not yet equipped to explain how such changes as earthquakes could be caused by an "outside" energetic influence, the full mystery is known amongst Russian scientific circles, and is easily explained by correcting certain fundamental errors in our prevailing concepts.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media gives almost zero coverage of even the most basic of the changes we have listed. One only hears about the changes in solar activity and increases in Earth's cataclysmic activity on occasion. Thus, a basic media-induced blindness of the workings of our own Earth and Solar System allowed most people to say that everything is "normal".

Devastating earthquakes, 400% more frequent just since 1973. Volcanoes belching dust, smoke and lava, 500% more than since 1875. Tornadoes in unexpected areas such as Maryland, 200% more frequent than 50 years ago. Unprecedented mega-hurricanes sweeping across coastlines. Blistering heat waves, and winters without snow.

Wildfires raging across continents. Crippling droughts and / or unprecedented flooding. Ever-climbing numbers of mass species extinctions. Massive heating in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Gigantic chunks of ice falling off of the polar icecaps. Solar activity so energetic that many satellites were not built to withstand the sudden increases, shattering all previous expectations. Catastrophic Earth changes, such as earthquake and tornado activity, emerging within days of major solar events.

Remember last year, 2003 June and July heat wave in Europe, Paris France lost 31,000 lives to the heat. Italy went from subterranean to tropical classification. A few months later more Solar flares, Iranian earthquake, 2,800-year-old city disappears with 41,000 lives.

These are the events of our daily lives, and once they arrive in our backyards, we are forced to pay attention. The womb of the sofa, television and remote control provides no haven when the ground is shaking, the grass is scorching, ferocious winds are whipping, the seas are empty of fish, and food crops wither within weeks as the rivers run dry.

The phenomenon of "synchronicity" has again occurred, as posted on the Drudge Report, then later in the mainstream press, and suddenly it's official: the US government says "global warming" is real.

In a stunning U-turn for the Bush administration, the United States has sent a climate report to the United Nations detailing "specific and far-reaching effects" that says "global warming will inflict" on the American environment? Also for the first time, the White House places "most of the blame for recent global warming on human actions - mainly the burning of fossil fuels that send heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The United States will be substantially changed in the next few decades, claims the Bush report. The United States will "very likely" be seeing the "disruption of snow-fed water supplies, more stifling heat waves and the permanent disappearance of Rocky Mountain meadows and coastal marshes?

The new report's predictions present a sharp contrast to the administration's previous statements on climate change, in which President Bush always spoke in generalities and stressed the need for much more research to resolve scientific questions."

As the Bush administration now acknowledges publicly, it is evident that "specific, far-reaching effects" are underway on Earth that will "substantially change the United States in the next few decades." Going well beyond the "global warming" content of the Bush administration's report, we know that our weather patterns have become increasingly chaotic, damaging and unpredictable.

We have hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, mudslides, floods, droughts, and other catastrophes occurring on an ever-increasing basis. As one example, the awesome mid-1990's Hurricane Andrew was almost as large as the entire state of Texas.

This increasing heat energy of the Earth's core can also be seen in the rapid melting of our polar icecaps. The Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica, which is as large as the state of Rhode Island, fully broke off and dropped into the ocean in the year 2000, as have several others in the last decade.

This process has greatly accelerated in speed throughout 2002, with three gigantic chunks breaking away from the continent in only a few months of time, the two most recent being named C-18 and C-19. This news is becoming so prevalent that even the Bush Administration finally had to come forward and admit that "something is happening."

What Is Happening?

Auroral activity associated with magnetism and solar activity:
The aurora borealis, or "Northern Lights," is a luminous energy formation usually seen over the poles. When the Sun's activity increases, the aurora becomes brighter, and the aurora also varies in direct proportion with the Earth's magnetic field. This aurora shows us the in-streaming energy in action. This past Christmas the Aurora was seen as far south as Seattle.

Curtain-shaped auroras at the poles:
From studying the formations of the aurora, we also know that a helix-shaped vortex of energetic electrons and protons, like a super-elongated funnel, has been seen to spiral down into the polar regions of the Earth at a high level of intensity.

Earth's core is too hot for metallic magnetism:
Metals cannot maintain a magnetic field above a certain crucial temperature, known as the Curie point. However, contrary to the conventional models, the temperatures inside the Earth were found to rise very quickly as we drill down, and if we continue this smooth increase along by extrapolating it on a graph, then at only 100 kilometers or 62 miles, the temperatures in the Earth would be too high for metals to conduct a magnetic field.

Eclipse anomalies of magnetism and gravity:
During an eclipse, the earth's magnetic fields are weakened, and this effect is significant enough to confuse migrating birds. The gravitational field is also altered during an eclipse, as seen in various pendulum studies. Both of these observations show that the Earth is being continually 'fed' by the Sun's torsion-field radiation and in-streaming energetic 'particles'.

Tilt of Earth's magnetic field:
If the Earth's core were a spinning metallic dynamo, then we would expect that its magnetic field should be aligned with its axis of rotation. However, since the magnetic field is approximately eleven degrees offset from the rotational axis, the dynamo model is not adequate.

Changes of the length of the day with solar activity:
The length of day (LOD) on the Earth is a measure of how fast the Earth is rotating. Clear correlations have been established to show a connection between the LOD and the level of solar activity. This shows a direct energetic interaction between the Sun and the Earth that the dynamo model cannot account for.

Changes in magnetism with solar activity:
Solar activity also can change the direction and intensity of the Earth's magnetic fields.

Solar radiations play a crucial role in the procreation of humans, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and even Viruses. The fact that bright sunshine causes spontaneous replication of a virus is not news to any cold-sore sufferer who has spent too long on the beach. There is a known link between sunspots and influenza virus.

The Solar Hormone Theory states, these variations in the terrestrial magnetic field has a direct effect on the Pineal gland which converts magnetic fields into biorhythm hormone melatonin.

Also has an effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. These endocrine glands manufacture and release the fertility hormones estrogen and progesterone.

The endocrine system converts the modulating magnetic field into chemicals (hormones). This magnetic-to-chemical conversion process is termed "electrochemical transduction". Anything that affects the biorhythm or metabolic rate will cause variation in duration of the cycle, such as artificial hormones,will cause biological clocks to malfunction.

"This we know. All things are connected like the blood, which unites one family... Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a stand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." Chief Seattle.

A Personal Comment

All this places humanity, and each one of us, squarely in front of a very difficult and topical problem. Hiding our heads in the sand, has never been my style, its what you don't that will kill you, so I always want to know. Knowledge, sometimes will require a transformation of our thinking and our behavior.

There is no other path to the future than a profound internal experiential perception and knowledge of the events now underway in the natural environment that surrounds us. It is only through this understanding that humanity will achieve balance with this new planetary process. Knowledge will still set us free.

PS. Sun carefully.

Some of my friends say to me, this is not a bodybuilding article. I wish to express with sincerity that body builders are not muscle heads who are only interested in the size of their arms and legs. I wish to expand the body builders mind to where he/she can see the synchronicity and harmony of themselves and how we fit in the overall picture.

A cosmic view and a desire to know, brings about more conscious activity. To break it down, I am not going to suntan between 11 am and 3 pm, and with all the viruses jumping from animal to man my diet reflects this condition. The mind talks, but the body knows. If you can't live in your body, where can you live? Global problems are now becoming personal problems.

Let's all of us have a nice day... since we're all Earth bound.

Muscles are for me!